Thursday photo #288

It always amazes me how quickly everyone’s thoughts turn to Christmas as soon as Halloween is over. I’ve started publishing my Christmas gift guides this week and hundreds of people read my Christmas blog posts every day. For me though, there’s lots more to do before I start thinking about getting our house ready for Christmas.

Moving rooms

Since Lia was tiny, the girls have shared a bedroom. We’ve asked them on numerous occasions whether they’d like their own room and the answer has always been a firm no. Recently though, something has changed.

The girls were talking the other day and it came up in conversation that Libby often wakes Lia up too early in the mornings. There are also a few issues at night with Libby playing and singing when Lia is desperate to get to sleep. Whenever they talk about this, I always offer them the option of having their own rooms. We have an extra bedroom so they can do it, but I’m currently using it as my office.

This time as soon as I offered, both girls jumped at the chance. They finally want their own space. They want their own wardrobes, toys and cupboards. The idea of being able to go to bed and get up at different times without disturbing each other appeals to them too. So over the next couple of months, I’ll be having a big clear out and kissing goodbye to my office. The desk will move into our bedroom and the girls will finally have their own room each. It will be a big change for us all.

One on one time

An interesting thing about having two children so close in age is how little one on one time they get with us. There might be the odd half an hour here and there while they’re waiting for each other to do something. Then on a Tuesday night, Libby goes swimming to a club that Lia can’t go to until she’s older. It’s half an hour away, so one of us chats to her for an hour in the car, while the other stays at home with Lia.

This week it occurred to us that we never really did much with Lia while she was on her own. We’d let her watch television or play for a while and maybe listen to her read. So instead, we’ve decided to take her swimming at the local pool.

She’s at that awkward age with swimming where the next group up will be a big jump. She’s only five and she’ll be in the deep end, swimming most of the length instead of a width. It has meant that she’s stayed in her swimming group for an inordinate amount of time, whilst watching Libby fly through the stages. Libby got yet another certificate this week for passing stage seven. So, practicing once a week should boost her confidence. It’s also an opportunity to do something special one on one with her. I don’t know why we didn’t think of it months ago.

Thursday photo #288

I took these two onto the hills the other day to walk the dog and I wanted to take some photos of a product I’m working with while we were up there. I took loads of photos of them both and none of either of them individually. Looking back through the photos afterwards, I didn’t have a single photo where one of them wasn’t pulling a silly face. I’m going to have to take some more with one child in them. This is one of the gems they managed to create.

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  1. I love your photos of the girls together, just because they are always pulling funny faces! It is definitely hard to spend one on one time with two kids or similar ages – especially when they are the same gender! I found the same with my two boys, but it was easier with a boy and a girl, despite the fact that the age difference is the same between my two boys as it is between my younger son and my daughter.
    How lovely for them to get their own rooms! I know a few families where kids have shared almost until their teens, but eventually they’ve decided to go their own way! Again, my boys were just the same. X

    1. Oh interesting that your boys were the same about room sharing! I was talking to a friend today who has children the same ages as mine and they’re moving into their own rooms soon too. It’s funny how things change as they get older. It must be even more difficult to manage one on one time with three!