Christmas gifts for dog lovers

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In so many ways, owning a dog takes over your life. Holidays change so the dog can come along too. A different social circle develops as you meet other dog walkers. Christmas gifts for dog lovers are often appreciated more when they’re purchased with the beloved canine in mind. Here are a few suggestions of gifts to buy the dog lover in your life.

Personalised dog coffee table book

If you were into Where’s Wally as a child, you’ll love this personalised “Where’s dog name?” book. Your dog has escaped and it’s on an adventure. You need to turn detective to find your dog in each picture. The catch is, they’re in a world dedicated to dogs so spotting them won’t be easy! We had one made for Bubbles and it’s great fun. Simply input your dog’s breed and pick the picture the dog looks most like. Then, tell them the dog’s name and whether it’s your dog or a gift. Choose between hard and soft cover format. Order your book on Yappy.com.

Lone Wolves Club unique dog tags

All dogs need to have a tag on their collar with their owner’s details on in case they get lost. Lone Wolves Club allows you to jazz up those tags making them much more fun. Before the Summer, Bubbles had an extra tag from Lone Wolves Club alongside her address tag saying “Adventure Dog.” For the Winter, her extra tag says “Up to snow good.” It suits her down to the ground. What’s more, you can choose between their fabulous puns, or make up your own to suit your dog and they’ll engrave it for you. These cute tags are available on the Lone Wolves Club Etsy shop.

Personalised pet paw print stamp

Cheeky Little Prints know just how special our pets are, so they stock a range of personalised jewellery with your pet’s own paw print on. They also sell these gorgeous personalised stamps so pets can be included on cards and letters too. When you order, they send out a pack for you to take your pet’s paw print. This was easier than anticipated, and you can then upload a photo of the print onto the website. From there, they can create your stamp. What’s more, they keep your paw prints on file so if you want to order jewellery or another stamp in future, you can use the same paw print. Both stamps and jewellery are available from the Cheeky Little Prints website.

Collar Club dog subscription box

Collar Club is a natural, eco-friendly subscription box for dogs. The high quality products in each box are hand picked every month. Every one contains six to eight items and the contents vary month on month. A variety of treats, a toy, some natural chews and extra surprises. The contents are a secret, but November’s items are featured below. Choose between monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly delivery or order a one-off box as a Christmas gift for a dog lover – and their dog. Boxes are available from the Collar Club website

PetWeighter dog bowl

The PetWeighter is a heavy food bowl that stays put. If you know someone whose dog ends up following their food around the room, this is an ideal solution. Fill the base with sand or water and lock the bowl into place. The bowl is easy to remove for refilling and cleaning. The PetWeighter keeps the dog’s feeding area cleaner, but there are other benefits too. If the bowl doesn’t move, dogs become more relaxed about eating. This may help fast eaters to slow down. The elevated position of the bowl helps joints and digestion because they don’t have to bend down to the floor to eat. If you use a PetWeighter as a water bowl, it also ensures your pet has constant access to water because the bowl doesn’t tip over easily like others do. For more information and to buy, head to the PetWeighter website.


Treat your dog to the Christmas gift of joint health with Curcupet-K9 turmeric supplement tablets. These are small tablets with no flavour so they can be easily concealed in food. They’re easy to absorb and scientific research has shown that they are helpful in maintaining healthy joints in both active and older pets. For more information and to purchase, head to the Future You Cambridge website

AD (gifted) | Christmas gift ideas for dog lovers. Anyone who has a pet will tell you that they're part of the family. That's why buying Christmas gifts for the dog or with the dog in mind will always be appreciated by dog lovers. Six great ideas of Christmas gifts for people with canine companions. #Christmasgifts #doglovers #giftguide

[AD] Contains gifted products

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