Our Thursday photo #76

Things are slowly starting to improve here – my husband is finally home.

He came home on Saturday and we’re slowly finding ways to make things work. Libby spends a bit of time with her dad in the afternoons to do some work on her numbers and letters.

He also reads a story to each of them before bedtime so he is managing to be involved in looking after them in a small way.

I have to admit I haven’t had the best week ever. We thought hubby would be home on Friday so I spent a good while on Friday evening waiting at the hospital to bring him home.

We were both fairly disappointed when I had to go home without him due to an administrative issue with his medication.

He finally came home on Saturday and I have since been making a real effort to get back into work a bit more. It’s still difficult to find the time, but I’m getting there.

Yesterday I was treated absolutely terribly by a freelance writing client. I had been writing web copy for them but they suddenly decided they wanted to advertise on my blog – and pay me next to nothing.

I don’t flatter myself that my blog is up to the standard of some of the amazing professional blogs out there, but I work hard on it and I’m quite protective of it.

I don’t want to publish anything that I’m not happy with. The client was horribly rude and tried to blackmail me to accept their “offer” by saying that they wouldn’t give me more work if I didn’t do it.

Needless to say, I won’t be working for that client anymore.

Being a freelancer is tough, you don’t really have any rights as such. If I’m honest though, I’d sort of forgotten that there were people out there who were genuinely unpleasant.

Since working as a freelance writer, I’ve never experienced anything other than polite, professional clients who are a pleasure to deal with.

Thank goodness people like the person I dealt with this week are in the minority. It really was the last thing I needed at the moment though.

And let’s not even mention the fact that our car suddenly seems to be on the cusp of breaking down…

As usual, the girls have been blissfully unaware of everything that’s going wrong. They loved their day out to the Sea Life Centre on Saturday, where I took our Thursday photo #76.

Libby seems to recognise a lot more letters and numbers than I realised and Lia is still enjoying her new found counting skill.

When they’ve woken up the last few mornings, they’ve spent some time chattering away to each other while they wait for the sun to appear on their gro-clock.

This is lovely to hear and it gives us a little bit of a lie-in. Well, until the clocks go back at the weekend…


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