Our Thursday Photo #29

This week, I have been working on loads of new ideas for my blog and I’m so excited about how well things are going on my new website. I have had a new idea for a regular post, the first instalment will be on Monday so watch this space. I also had a real brainwave for my sister Emma’s new blog, and she also has her own fabulous and very focussed blog coming soon, so I will be sharing that information with you as soon as the curtains are lifted.

For the girls, this week has mostly been about Christmas. We have been to the Birmingham Christmas Market and to the ice rink and Santa’s grotto (or Santa’s snotto as Libby puts it) at Webbs Garden Centre, both of which were fabulous and have got us right into the Christmas spirit. The girls were given a chocolate advent calendar today at playgroup and tomorrow is the Nativity and Father Christmas at nursery. I am frantically sewing my home made advent calendar, it’s not going well. I am sincerely hoping it will be done by Sunday though. I will then put their letters from Santa into the first stocking on the calendar, Libby keeps asking when he will reply. I supposed we ought to dig out the Christmas tree and decorations over the weekend as well seeing as how we are getting so into it. Sigh. No more minimalist Christmases for us.

So here are the girls with our Thursday Photo #29, which is likely to be the last one for a few weeks not featuring a Christmas tree.

Thursday photo 29[sz-gplus-share size=”standard” align=”none” annotation=”none” /]

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