Children playing with Disney Animal World toys

Thursday photo #208

Isn’t it nice to get to a point with work where you’re busy doing things you want to do? I’ve had a bit of downtime this week from my freelance work. I need things from both of my clients before I can move on. Usually, I’d take the time to focus on the blog and social media. But this week, I’ve taken a break from it all. I’ve exercised, been to the theatre to see the Little Mermaid with the girls, and had a couple of nights out. Perfect.

Little Mermaid acrobats


I’m very aware that the girls are incredibly lucky. They get so many opportunities through my blog, and go to places I could only have dreamed of as a child. But with this, comes a certain attitude. Occasionally, I find them incredibly demanding. Wanting to know why they can’t have or do whatever they want.

And I often wonder whether we do too much with them. Whether it is causing them to become ungrateful for the amazing lives they lead. But without taking away some of the privileges that we work so hard for them to have, I struggle to know how to deal with this. I know it’s normal for children to behave like this to an extent. But I also want to help them learn to be grateful. For the things they have, the places they go, and even their family and their health. Because they’re so lucky to have it.

Days out

The weather has been a bit hit and miss all week. Saturday was wet and miserable and Libby had been asking to go to soft play for a while. So, we headed over to the Kingfisher shopping centre in Redditch. I’m not really a fan of soft play, particularly at the weekend. But it was lovely to see the girls playing so well together.

They were trying on different dressing up outfits, running around the soft play and riding on the carousel and the bumper cars. Sitting down with a coffee was just what my husband and I needed after rather a good night out the previous evening.

On Sunday, I went to the Cotswold Blogger Awards. It was a lovely evening, and a great chance to catch up with other local bloggers. My two favourite things were given out at the door too – cocktails and cake.


I’m now two weeks into a weight loss programme with XLS. Above all, it has given me the motivation to lose some weight and get my fitness back. I’m only actually replacing one meal with a weight loss shake most days, because I’ve been doing so much exercise. After a chat with the dietician, she recommended just replacing one meal on days when I’m exercising a lot – which at the moment is most of them. But with beautiful

I’m running every morning now with Bubbles, with the exception of days when I know I’m running in the evening. The meals I’m eating are generally healthy and low in calories, and it’s working perfectly. This week, I lost 4lbs, taking me up to 7lbs in total – half a stone. I would be delighted if I could keep up losing weight at the same rate for the next few weeks. I am armed with the motivation that if I do, it won’t be long before I reach the size I want to be.

Our Thursday photo #208

I’ve got an exciting giveaway coming up on the blog over the next few days. I was taking photos for the giveaway and captured this one of the girls having fun on the trampoline together. We’re so busy all the time that some days it’s nice to just have some time at home.

Children playing with Disney Animal World toys

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  1. Love the girls’ expressions here! Well done on al the exercise and the weight loss.
    I think a lot of kids struggle with gratitude! They don’t realise how lucky they are and that others don’t have as much as them. My eldest is always moaning that other people have better holidays than we do and my daughter is constantly asking for a trampoline, which she has been categorically told she won’t be getting!

  2. Love how much fun your girls are having together on the trampoline. It is lovely to have opportunities to make so many lovely memories and it is one of the nice things about blogging that you often get given those opportunities but I know what you mean about trying to balance it out and teaching gratitude too. Love that photo of Bubbles – sounds like you are doing really well with the XLS programme x

    1. Thank you Louise, and you are the best example of gratitude I know, it makes me think that I should set a better example of gratitude to help them learn.

  3. Hi Nat, it’s wonderful that your girls get to experience and enjoy so much because of your blog, but it’s not easy to get the balance right. I know that my sister has similar concerns with her children too… It’s good to take a step back every now and again. It’s refreshing and helps take the pressure off… Well done with your weight loss program, I’m sure that by eating sensibly and exercising you’ll soon be where you want to be. That photo of Bubbles is lovely… It is nice to just stay at home and your girls look like they are having fun with their toys.


  4. Love the photo of the girls on the trampoline! Their hair is hilarious, hope they didn’t get static shocks!
    Sounds like you’re getting the work/life balance just right! X