Thursday photo #309

It seems we are all reluctantly settling into this new normal. It’s far from where we would like to be, but for most of us we are safe at home. At the moment, that’s the best we can ask for. Personally, we’ve been making the most of this time to get our garden as we want it. Once that’s all done, it will be time to move on to some decorating indoors.

Our garden progress

Fencing our front garden and moving a couple of sheds doubled our usable space. This week, we’ve tidied up and fixed the swing into the ground so everything is as we want it. I’ve put some grass seeds down so hopefully it will all be lawn in a few weeks. We’ve also made a good start on our vegetable plot, which the children are surprisingly keen to help with.

On Libby’s windowsill, we’ve grown tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, courgettes and rocket. Most of that will get transplanted outside when it’s warm enough. We’ve relocated some strawberry plants and a blueberry bush from elsewhere in the garden and planted beetroot and rocket straight into the ground. I’m quite realistic about the vegetables and aware that we probably won’t get much this year. That said, it’s great to start the vegetable plot going and I’m hoping it’s something we’ll keep up with long term.

My husband helped the children to build a small den with some trees and old pieces of wood. They’ve put themselves a floor, bench and table in there and their next job is to decorate it. They’ve now started to paint it so I dread to think what it will end up like, but it will be theirs and that’s what matters to them.

Not training for a marathon

With the Brighton marathon now postponed, my running training has altered significantly. It has been nice to reduce my distance to much shorter runs but continue to run every day. I’m actually enjoying that a lot more than trying to force myself to run long distances. It’s going to be difficult to pick the distances up again in the summer months but for now, I’m really enjoying short runs.

Since starting to run everyday, it is no longer a chore. It’s definitely something I’ll carry on doing and has totally altered my motivation. Previously, I had to enter races to stay motivated to go running. Now though, I’m enjoying every run and it has become a habit. I’m crossing my fingers that we won’t be stopped from going out to exercise in the coming weeks. If we are though, I’ll be continuing to run – around the garden. I already have a little route in mind. I’m sure it will confuse the dog to be put on the lead and made to run round in circles for three miles, but it’s better than having to stop completely.

Thursday photo #309

Now that there’s not a huge amount to look forward to, the girls seem to get more excited about the mundane things. Lia in particular was delighted to be able to dress up for PE with Joe Wicks on Friday. She decided to dress up as a witch, while Libby reused her Princess Leah costume from our New Year’s Day dip.

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