Our Thursday Photo #89

Well, this week hasn’t been our finest hour. My husband still has a long road to recovery ahead of him and I’m quite frankly exhausted. I wrote recently about the fact that I’m not embracing positivity, I’m satisfied to just let things be and remember that there is always an end to it.

I’ve had some fun blogging this week, I was proud that Mumsnet featured me on their front page yesterday, with my post about not judging other mums.  I’ve also worked on an exciting project with Drayton Manor which will be revealed soon I’m sure.

It has given me a chance to reflect on the amazing year we had as blogger ambassadors for Drayton Manor in 2015. We visited so many times I’ve lost count and each time was just as brilliant. Libby even chose to spend her birthday there instead of having a party. Great choice in my opinion.

It seems that 2015 was a pretty amazing year to be involved with the park because their 65th anniversary year had record breaking attendance figures. They expanded Thomas Land and built new VIP suites which we were lucky enough to experience a few times and the year was rounded off with amazing events for both bonfire night and Christmas.

It sounds like 2016 is going to be just as exciting for the theme park, with a brand new Tamarin Trail allowing people to get up close to the gorgeous little monkeys in beautifully planted gardens. 2016 is also the 5th anniversary of both the Drayton Manor Hotel and the Grill Inn onsite restaurant.

The park have already said that they aim to make each season better than the last so we’ll definitely be there with bells on again in 2016. I’m looking forward to hot sunny days in the park this summer already.

The summer is seeming a rather long way away for us at the moment though. Our main car which is an automatic has been off the road for the past few weeks. This has meant that only I can drive. It’s amazing how much extra time this takes up in my days.

I’ve resorted to buying a smoothie maker so I can at least grab something healthy to eat that I don’t have to sit down for at breakfast and lunch time. I’ll be writing some time saving life hacks soon, I’ve realised I’ve probably cut back on my time to the bare minimum so I’ll share some of my tips for getting to this point. I’m really not sure what else I can cut back on if I need to though.

As usual, the girls are taking everything in their stride. Lia’s speech is coming on every day and she comes out with some classic little comments, most of which are copied from one of us. Today, Libby was offering around pretend biscuits in the car. When one was offered to Lia she said, “No thanks Libby, I’m trying to drive.”

Our Thursday Photo #89 was taken in their Wendy house, definitely their favourite area of the house at the moment. Libby had a good tidy up in there this week which we were rather pleased about. She seems to be learning quickly that this is her space and she needs to keep it looking nice.


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