Our Thursday Photo #36

Well, as usual it has been a busy week in the Plutonium Sox household. Last Friday marked the end of our fabulous holiday, so we pretended we were still on holiday over the weekend and continued in the vein of swimming every day and eating rubbish. 

So, on Monday it was time to get back to reality. Hubby went back to work and I started on a bit of a health kick. Mercifully, I know my limits so I’m only being healthy on weekdays and we’re back to drinking and eating rubbish at weekends. Roll on tomorrow. 

Yesterday, we had rather a step forward – one that will make my life a bit more difficult (oh joy) and will, I suspect, turn Libby’s life upside down. Lia has finally started crawling forwards. She has been crawling backwards for ages but has just realised that she can also go forwards. 

Everything has been put away out of reach and we’re sadly waving goodbye to the proper baby stage and our sanity, and saying hello to toddler number two. And on that note, here is our Thursday Photo #36 of our two toddlers. 

2015-01-15 17.13.19-1

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