Our Thursday Photo #37

This week, we have been getting used to the new dynamic of having two mobile children in the house. It’s just over a week since Lia started crawling now, and it really does make a big difference. 

I have to be much more careful when I nip out of the room. Lia doesn’t seem to be particularly destructive, but she has a strange habit of wanting to be in things. 

So far this week, I’ve found her under two tables, a piano, three chairs, a talking dog and her sister. This afternoon I found her sat on the shelf with the DVD’s. 

She is already starting to pull herself up to a standing position, but I’m not encouraging it. I didn’t buy her a sit-in baby walker, because I found that the one Libby used made her walk on tiptoes which seemed rather damaging. 

So having sold the sit-in baby walker, we are allowing her a couple of minutes at a time standing with the push-along walker. She hasn’t mastered taking steps with it yet, so mercifully I think we’re a long way from walking yet. 

Lia’s talking is coming along at an alarming rate. These days I wake up in the morning to both girls calling “Mum” and “Dad”. Lia can also say “more” and “pup” for Pluto. 

I know exactly where Lia’s worryingly quick capacity to pick up words comes from – it’s from Libby. Libby continues to astound me every day with the perfectly formed sentences and long words that she comes out with. 

I think I have to admit that hubby probably suffers more from Libby’s rather extensive vocabulary than I do, despite the fact that it’s me that is with her all day. She seems to have daddy right where she wants him, so sadly her big words are often used to berate him. 

I overheard an example last night when hubby took her favourite toy (lamb lamb) from her. The conversation went something like this:

Libby: What did you just do then?

Hubby: I took lamb lamb off you. 

Libby: That’s outrageous! 

I dread to think what’s going to happen when Libby’s speech is better and Lia starts on him as well! 

But despite being rather hard work, the two of them always make my heart melt when they are together. They show such sisterly love, as shown in our Thursday photo #37. Here they are having a cuddle in their sleeping bags before their afternoon nap. 

2015-01-22 13.25.16-1

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