Thursday photo #201

Isn’t it strange how little things can build up to become almost overwhelming? A couple of meetings, a broken down car. Hospital appointments, social engagements, a little more work, things to do in the garden. And you move from coasting along to nearing breaking point without even really noticing it has happened.

Donating to charity

This week, I’ve been working with AmazonSmile to let people know about their new website. I haven’t been asked to promote it on the blog, but it seems like such a brilliant way to raise money for charity that I thought I’d share my video. If you shop on Amazon via the AmazonSmile website, they will donate to your chosen charity free of charge for every qualifying purchase.


Lia is an incredibly girly little girl. There’s nothing she loves more than unicorns, princesses and fairies. Except for possibly butterflies. Last weekend, the weather wasn’t brilliant. We’d decided to go out for lunch on the Saturday instead of battling everyone else for a table on mother’s day. So, we combined lunch out with a trip to the Stratford butterfly farm.

It’s not a huge place, but it was a lovely way to spend an hour or two. It’s all indoors and the rooms are quite warm, at optimum temperature for the butterflies. There are also a couple of large iguanas in there, and a room that has ants, tarantulas, archer fish and a few other things. There’s a section housing the chrysalises and another room with some other bugs and insects in it too. But of course, Lia was just there to see the beautiful butterflies. And she wasn’t disappointed.

The class toy

Is it just me, or is it every parent’s nightmare when the class toy comes to visit? I feel under some ridiculous imaginary pressure to take the toy giraffe to exciting places. Luckily, Google has turned up during quite a busy week. He arrived on Tuesday and has already been to the Jungle Book at Malvern Theatres and to a ballet lesson. I hope he’ll be satisfied with cycling in the rain and relaxing at home  for the rest of the week.

Our Thursday photo #201

I haven’t taken many photos of the girls this week, but I did snap one of them with Google the giraffe while they were waiting for the Jungle Book to start. It was the first time I’d taken them to a show that was family friendly, but not necessarily aimed at young children. So, the photo is a nice memory to look back on and hopefully the first of many theatre trips with these two.

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  1. I know what you mean about the little things building up to become overwhelming. That seems to happen to me on a fairly regular basis! It looks like the girls had a lovely time at the theatre and the butterfly farm. I’m shuddering with you at the thought of the class toy!