Our Thursday Photo #87

This week I’ve been attempting to follow a bit more of a schedule in terms of fitting in work, blogging and managing my palm oil free website. I have to admit it hasn’t been going quite to plan, but that’s predominantly because everything has conspired against me. I’m hoping this won’t always be the case.

So, here’s the schedule:


  • No freelance work on a Monday or Tuesday
  • Schedule posts for my blog
  • Catch up with any admin that I haven’t got done the previous week
  • Work on my palm oil free website


  • Schedule posts for both Plutonium Sox and my palm oil free blog
  • Answer all my blog and Facebook comments
  • Read and comment some other blogs
  • Publish a post on my blog


  • Work on my freelance work – I accept this for completion between Wednesday and Sunday
  • Work on my blog social media
  • Promote the post that I published on Tuesday


  • Work on my freelance work
  • Publish a blog post


  • Work on my freelance work
  • Promote the post that I published on Thursday
  • Work on my blog social media
  • Read and comment on blog posts


  • Work on my freelance work
  • Publish a blog post


  • Work on my freelance work
  • Promote the post that I published on Thursday
  • Work on my blog social media
  • Read and comment on blog posts

I have come to the realisation that I don’t need to be publishing a post every day. I’d much rather publish a good quality blog post every other day than churn things out every day. As usual, things haven’t been going to plan for me.

I squeezed in an extra blog post yesterday because I was given the opportunity to run a competition to win ‘The Rabbit Who Wanted to Fall Asleep.’ I will also be able to try it out myself next week, which was an opportunity I just couldn’t turn down.

Our main car has been off the road since Tuesday, meaning that my husband can’t drive as he can only drive that car because it’s an automatic. This has meant a lot more pressure on me as I’ve been running everyone around to their activities and appointments.

Just to throw another spanner into the works, we had Bubbles neutered today. She is currently moping around feeling sorry for herself and sporting the cone of shame. I also had to ferry her to and from the vets and I’ve had to keep an eye on her during the day.

cone of shame

But still, in theory I am hopeful that having a schedule will make things a bit easier and allow me to focus on one thing at a time. I still have my phone in ‘do not disturb mode’ so I don’t have the distraction of social media notifications and that seems to be helping.

Libby started going to nursery in the afternoons this week whilst Lia is having her nap. Libby is coming home tired out every day, but she is loving her time at nursery and she can’t wait to go each day.

Libby has also started to get herself up in the mornings. This involves going to the toilet, putting her clothes on and brushing her teeth. It is incredible how much more smoothly things run when I only have one child to chase around.

Things are still chaos here but I am sincerely hoping that eventually, everything will just fall into place.

Our Thursday Photo #87 was taken at bed time in front of the Wendy house. In placing a Wendy house in the girls’ bedroom, I have single-handedly solved the problem of untidy bedrooms. The girls have all their toys in the Wendy house and they can make as much mess as they like in there but the rest of the bedroom stays tidy. Perfect.

Thursday photo #87

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