Our Thursday Photo #77

Things are slowly starting to get a little bit better around here. I mistakenly thought that I’d have a bit more time once my husband came home from hospital. That hasn’t really been the case but with half term thrown into the mix I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.

We’ve had one of those weeks where we just haven’t done much. We didn’t have a car for two days because it was in the garage. We ended up spending a lot of time at home making a mess and not getting much done.

We did manage to get involved in some Halloween activities, we carved a pumpkin and covered a balloon with paper maché. The dogs had a relatively good week. They’re back into getting daily walks and / or runs and they had some lovely presents of toys and treats which Bubbles was particularly excited about.

Libby has had a bit of a dull half term by our standards. We usually go out most days during the holidays and I know she’s been missing it. She’s doing well with her reading though, recognising a few small words. This is largely due to the extra time spent at home so at least something good has come out of it.

Lia is at an age where she surprises us every day with new words and skills. She’s now managing to put a few words together into little sentences. It’s incredibly cute and makes it so much easier for her to join in and play with her big sister. 

I’ve been finding it tough fitting everything in. I’m still not working as much as I would like to be, there’s just so much that needs doing around here.

I’m a terrible blogger for a multitude of reasons, more so this week than ever. Firstly I’ve been struggling to find the time to write blog posts. But secondly, the general stereotype around bloggers is that they have beautiful, immaculate homes.

I’m a long way from living up to that standard at the best of times but at the moment, I’m quite proud of the fact I’m managing to keep us all fed and clothed. The fact that the house looks like a bomb site is the least of my worries.

And in complete defiance of my inability to be pristine, Libby has decided that she wants to be a princess. So our Thursday photo #77 is brought to you by a princess and a ballerina.

2015-10-29 19.09.52-1

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