Our Thursday Photo #57

This week has been just as manic as any other, but pretty good nonetheless. 

Our bathroom is pretty much finished now, so we’re trying to find the time to tidy up the rest of the house and think about getting it on the market. 

I’m also really close to getting started on my new business, I think it should be up and running by the middle of next month. 

But really, the big news this week has come today, in the form of a very special birthday. 

Libby is three years old today. This is the first time that she has got really, really excited about her birthday. I asked her if she wanted a party, but she said that she wanted to go to Drayton Manor instead, and that’s exactly what we did. 

Going on rides and to soft play are Libby’s two favourite things in the world. So obviously, somewhere that allows her to do both of these things is a bit of a dream come true.

After writing this post about our day out at the grand opening of the Thomas Land Expansion, we were lucky enough to win annual passes to Drayton Manor, which we collected today. I don’t think Libby quite understands that we can now go there as often as we like. Which is a relief, or she literally wouldn’t do anything else all year. 

Libby was allowed fairly free rein all day, choosing which rides to go on and when to have lunch, go in soft play and have an ice cream. 

We got back really late, so we also had some chips and a subway for our tea and our family came round to see her. Both girls ended up going to bed really late because we were all outside on the decking. 

I looked at my two grubby girls running around covered in chocolate, getting knocked over by dogs and generally having an evening of chaos. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

They are generally very well behaved and we are strict with them. We insist that they are polite and they don’t get away with much. The one thing we’re not great with though is routine. We never had much of a routine before the children came along, and nothing has really changed. 

We do have our little daily activities, but when it comes to bedtime and getting up time, we tend to play it by ear a little bit. I know a lot of people (and virtually every parenting book ever written) swear by fixed routines and fixed bedtimes. 

Sometimes though, I think being spontaneous and breaking the rules does pay off. 

Libby has had an amazing birthday. She really enjoyed seeing everyone and had some lovely presents. It was lovely to see her getting involved with the other children in the soft play at Drayton Manor too. She is definitely getting more sociable, and I suspect by this time next year, she might even want a party. 

So our Thursday photo #57 is of two tired girls who were enjoying a ride on Rosie the engine. I can’t believe it’s three years since our lives changed beyond all recognition. 

2015-06-11 12.56.06-4

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