Our Thursday photo #85

As usual, the past week has been chaos. We’re still playing catch up a bit in terms of finances since the time off I had to take after my husband’s accident. This has meant that I haven’t managed to take time off work over Christmas.

I do love being freelance and working from home is the best decision I ever made, but times like this make me realise that it’s far from the easy way out.

That said, I’ve made it to all of the children’s parties, events and plays and we’ve had amazing days out together that I never would have been able to go on if I’d have been in work.

2015 has been a difficult year for us, so at Christmas we’re focussing on the positives from 2015 and looking forward to 2016. I’m not quite sure how things are going to get better, but I’m still hopeful that they will.

Today, Lia was in her first nativity play, she was a sheep. Libby was also in it, as a cow. Lia hasn’t been on top form for the last few days as she’s been suffering with a cold. But she did perk up a bit when she was given a pair of rabbit ears to wear as part of her sheep costume.

As usual, Libby looked after her sister well and I was proud of how well both girls behaved, despite the chaos that ensued when a large group of children aged three and under were let loose in front of a room full of people.

Our Thursday photo #85 was taken in the dressing room before the nativity play. Merry Christmas from the Christmas eve cow (the one in the cracker hat) and the Christmas Eve sheep (easily recognisable from her rabbit ears).

I hope everyone has a fun, peaceful and relaxing Christmas.

Thursday photo #85

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