Our Thursday Photo #84

This year has been the first time I’ve really realised how busy we’re going to be as the children get older.

I’ve always been keen to encourage the girls to get involved with any interests and activities that appeal to them. Whether that be team sports like rugby, netball or water polo or other pastimes like playing musical instruments, running, dancing, drama or underwater basket weaving if that’s what they’re into.

I knew this would mean that things were busy but I didn’t anticipate it starting quite so soon.

Last weekend, Libby was in three shows with her drama group. Saturday evening, Sunday matinee and Sunday evening. I helped out with the evening performances and a bit of administration and I went to watch the matinee. This was a feat of organisation in itself because it meant my husband looking after Lia on his own for the first time since his accident.

On Monday and Tuesday, Libby was in the nativity play for her nursery and yesterday we headed down to Watford to have a look around Hogwarts in the Snow.

We have had a brilliant week. I loved watching Libby in all of her shows, but the one in the theatre was particularly special. I knew she was younger than everyone else in the group but it didn’t really hit home until she ran onto the stage. She was very obviously the smallest and was a clear foot shorter than many of the others in her group.

Despite this, she managed to join in wonderfully with her dance and did it all with a great big smile on her face. I was a very proud mum.

The smile was back again on Monday and Tuesday for the nativity play where somebody saw it fit to dress her as an angel. They clearly haven’t seen her in full on tantrum mode or they would have seen the comic irony.

Thursday photo #84

I was so impressed with the Warner Brothers’ studio tour. I wasn’t sure if there would be enough there to keep the children entertained, after all it is a film set. However, Libby took a genuine interest in the theatrical side of things and Lia was in awe of the whole experience, it really was magical.

Sadly despite all the extra activities going on, the work fairies have been slacking so I’ve still had to fit in an inordinate amount of work. This has meant that my usual bed time of around 1 am has been stretched to around 3 am most days.

This is really starting to take its toll now, especially as Libby has a cough so the girls have been up in the night and were awake by 6 this morning.

It’s safe to say that like most mums, all I want for Christmas is a bit more sleep.

In a break with tradition, our Thursday Photo #84 contains a photobomb by a flying car. Well, it’s nearly Christmas after all.

Thursday photo #84

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