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Gifts for Dog Lovers [AD]


Dog lovers can be some of the most fun people to buy gifts for. Even if they’re people who have everything, the chances are there’s something they’d like for their dog. Be it a new toy, a fancy collar or harness or something for them that has their dog in mind. These days, dogs can be included in virtually every personalised gift. Want your dog on your socks? You’ve got it. Fancy an enormous canvas of your dog on the wall? Go ahead. Let’s take a look at some of the more unusual gifts for dog lovers. Don’t forget to let me know if you have any ideas I haven’t thought of. I always have room in my house for more dog related gifts!

Dog lovers are often delighted to have a gift that includes their pet

Photo gifts for dog lovers

Everyone appreciates a gift with a photo of their dog on it. Some of these gifts made me laugh out loud.

Dog portraits

Commissioning a local artist or photographer to capture their dog at its best can be a lovely gift for dog lovers. Another option is to turn a photo you already have into art. Have it printed on canvas or turn that photo into a custom pet portrait with a twist. Fancy seeing your pooch as a Star Wars character, historical figure or super hero? Now you can!

Cat and two dos dressed in hero suits walking away from an inferno using photos of the pets gifts for dog lovers
Custom pet portrait gift for dog lovers

Dog mugs

We have had mugs printed for numerous gifts and the ones with dogs on always receive the best response. There are a few places to get this done, including most places that allow you to print your own photos. It’s often possible to add wording or your own design in addition to the image itself.

Personalised Travel Mug with a golden retriever on it with a festive background of pine cones and a bell as a Christmas gift for dog lovers
Personalised Travel Mug

Dog socks

No, I don’t mean socks for your dog. Although you can get those too. I’m talking about socks with a photo of your dog on them, like these from Prezzybox. Send them a photo of your dog (or your recipient’s dog) and they’ll create a pair of socks for you. You’ll probably need a few pairs, you’re going to want to wear these every day!

Gifts for the dog

Purchasing something for the person who has everything? If they have a dog, that’s really not a problem! The recipient won’t bat an eyelid at you buying for their dog. After all, that dog is part of the family, they deserve gifts too!

Dog toys

Even the dog who has everything can use more dog toys! Choose wisely though. A strong, chewy dog will need something really sturdy. A ball-loving dog probably has a favourite type of ball, or one that they won’t eat! Fussy or allergic dogs won’t want anything edible, because they’re probably on a special diet. Buying for a dog can be as much of a minefield as buying for humans! But at least they’re worth it.

Pink pig dog toy
Barn buddies dog toy

Dog treats

As long as the dog doesn’t have special dietary requirements, they will definitely appreciate some dog treats as a gift. These can be useful for training too, especially if they are small enough to fit easily in pockets.

Dog accessories

One of the best investments we’ve ever made for our dog is to buy her an expensive bed. Snoozer dog beds have a cover attached so the dog can get into the bed, rather than lying on top. On cold days or when we’re camping, Bubbles absolutely loves being able to get into bed. We’ve had three of these beds now and they all last for several years. They are expensive, but worth every penny.

Snoozer UK make a range of products for dogs. The cozy cave is a warm, cosy, washable dog bed that is so appealing I've emailed them to ask if they'd think about making one for humans!
Relaxing in their Snoozer dog beds

Paw print gifts for dog lovers

When a dog dies, having their paw print on a keepsake can be a lovely way to remember them. If you are buying for somebody with an elderly pet, they will probably really appreciate this gift in the future. Even if you don’t know quite what to buy just now, it’s sensible to purchase a paw print kit. You can then use the print to make pictures, key rings, jewellery and more.

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