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Gifts for hikers: Father’s Day gift guide

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Hiking is an increasingly popular pastime. Much like open water swimming, it offers benefits to both physical and mental health. Walking is a brilliant form of gentle exercise that allows participants to be outdoors in nature. It is unsurprising that so many of us are making time for it in our lives. With Father’s Day coming up, it’s a great opportunity to look at a few fantastic gifts for hikers. The guide is divided into food and drink, plus practical gifts that dads will need for their hiking trips.

Food and drink gifts for hikers

Pentire non-alcoholic spirits

Evenings on a hiking holiday pose a bit of a dilemma. Sitting around the camp fire with a drink late into the the night is delightful. Conversely, there is literally nothing worse than losing a good day’s hiking to a hangover. Pentire non-alcoholic spirits are the ideal solution. Choose between Pentire Adrift or Pentire Seaward, each created from distilled botanicals that thrive on the Cornish headlands.

Adrift is the original blend created from sage, rock samphire, lemon citrus, Cornish sea salt and Pentire plant blend. Seaward is a newer blend that is bright and zesty with woodruff, sea rosemary, sea buckthorn, wild seaweed and ping grapefruit. Whilst both can be served with a garnish, they are equally delicious on their own with a tonic. Likewise, ice is a nice addition but not required, making it a more practical option for hiking.

Pentire non-alcoholic spirits displayed in small see through glass bottles in front of a glass with greenery behind
Pentire non-alcoholic spirits

Candy Roo Pick n Mix

Energy fixes like some sweets or snacks are essential on a hike. We have recently discovered Candy Roo, who sell a variety of sweets online. They are an environmentally aware company who plant a tree for every transaction on their website. It is their aim to become entirely carbon neutral using this and other measures. They offer normal or vegan pic n mix, which you can select yourself or they will pick it for you based on their ten best sellers at the time. This 1kg bag of vegan pick n mix contains an excellent selection of jelly sweets. Buying a single 1kg bag is a much better way to purchase sweets than buying lots of smaller bags due to the packaging. It can be easily decanted into reusable containers for carrying on a hike.

Candy Roo vegan pick n mix

Practical gifts for hikers

Ticket To The Moon Hammock

When hiking for a few days, carrying a hammock to sleep in is a great alternative to carrying a tent and roll mat. If you’ve ever slept in a hammock, you’ll know that they are also exceptionally comfortable and relaxing. Ticket To The Moon stock a variety of hammocks, straps and other accessories. These would all make excellent practical gifts for hikers. Hammocks come in a variety of colours and sizes, including the kingsize one that we have. The only downside to this as a Father’s Day gift is that it will undoubtedly be commandeered by the children if they can get anywhere near it. Hang a hammock between trees to sleep or simply to relax after a long day’s hiking. Ours is a semi-permanent fixture in our garden now, waiting for our next hiking or camping trip.

Two girls in a blue hammock hanging from trees in a wood
Ticket to the Moon Hammock

Sunglasses from TrendHim are great gifts for hikers and other sports people

Sunglasses are pretty much essential for hikers. When you’re out in the sun all day, it’s really important to protect your eyes from the glare. Unfortunately if you’re hiking in the UK, there is absolutely no guarantee that the sunshine will have any intention of sticking around. Trend him stock a selection of sunglasses, including these interchangeable lens sports sunglasses. They come with a hard case, sports cable and five different lenses. So if the sun doesn’t want to stick around, you can simply swap lenses to one a little lighter. These glasses will be great for cyclists too.

sunglasses displayed outdoors with a house reflected in the mirrored lens - sports glasses make great gifts for hikers
Sports sunglasses from TrendHim

Critically Endangered Socks

Clothing and footwear gifts for hikers

Stretch Cargo Shorts from Cotton Traders

Both well-fitting clothing and plenty of pockets are essential gifts for hikers. These Cotton Traders Stretch Cargo Shorts tick all the boxes. Made from durable cotton with a little added stretch, these are both comfy and water-resistant. The waistband can be adjusted to get the perfect fit and the shorts fasten with a button at the front. Of course, they’re machine washable too. Essential for anybody who loves fitness.

Stretch cargo shorts make good gifts for hikers. Displayed on wooden background with two small succulent pot plants one either side of the shorts
Cotton Traders Stretch Cargo Shorts

Hiking boots or shoes from Keen Footwear make ideal gifts for hikers

I couldn’t put together a list of gifts for hikers without including footwear. Keen Footwear stock a wide variety of boots, shoes and sandals for hikers including these, the NXIS Speed. They are super lightweight with excellent treads suitable for any trail surface. They’re built for comfort with plenty of space for your toes to spread out, and they include toe protection too. Ideal for days out walking, particularly when you don’t know what surprises the terrain has in store. My husband is very impressed with how springy they feel, making walking a little easier.

hiking trainers that would make ideal gifts for hikers displayed outside on a wooden backdrop with blurred green trees in background
Hiking boots from Keen Footwear

Socks are definitely one of the most practical gifts for hikers. These Critically Endangered socks are great for the environment too. Critically Endangered sell a range of sustainable luxury essentials to raise both awareness and money for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to protect critically endangered species. 10% from the sale of these Hawksbill Turtle socks goes to the WWF and each purchase also helps the World Land Trust to protect 20 square metres of rainforest. Money raised by the WWF on the sale of these socks is used to protect the Hawksbill Turtle through population monitoring, habitat preservation and reducing the threat to turtles from being caught in fishing nets.

turquoise critically endangered socks displayed against green leaves and a few small purple flowers - these socks are suggested as gifts for hikers
Critically Endangered socks

Cotton Traders Casual Lace-Up Trainers

For anyone who is walking all day, a comfy pair of trainers to wear in the evening is essential. Particularly if you want to head out to the pub, the last thing you want is more time in your hiking boots. With their two-tone design and colour matched laces, these Cotton Traders casual lace-up trainers are ideal for comfy but smart evenings. Cushioning and supportive collars around the ankles ensure maximum comfort too. They look great with shorts, jeans or chinos and will keep your feet fresh until you’re ready to lace the hiking boots back on again.

Casual lace up trainers in blue and orange with white stripe and blue laces displayed on wooden background with greenery behind.
Cotton Traders casual lace up trainers

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