Unicorn bookmark ideal stocking filler for book-loving kids displayed against a bunch of sunflowers

Stocking Fillers For Kids [AD]

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Do you enjoy buying stocking fillers? Whether they’re in addition to a big present for your own child or as small gifts for others, kids’ stocking fillers are some of my favourite gifts to buy. Why? Because they’re fun. Whether you go for puzzles, board games, pocket money toys or novelty gifts, these little presents tend to come with lots of thought and love. Ultimately, they’re often the things that get played with the most over Christmas as well. Head over to Wicked Uncle forTHE BEST selection of stocking fillers for everyone from tots to teens. Here are a few of my favourites.

Stocking Fillers for Young Kids: Dinosaur Torch and Projector

I am genuinely excited to give this gift to my little nephew, he is going to LOVE it! This little torch can be used to project dinosaurs onto the walls. The best thing about it is that little ones can use it themselves. There are 24 images on three disks. The disks are easy to insert and turn so that little ones can choose the images they want to display. Pick from T-rex, triceratops, velociraptor and more. Don’t forget it can be used as a torch too, so little ones will love it for camping holidays and evening walks.

Dinosaur torch and projector stocking filler displayed in packaging against a bunch of sunflowers

Stocking Fillers for Sisters

I can’t be the only one who struggles to get it right when buying gifts for siblings. My two girls have very similar interests and like the same sort of gifts. So, if we buy one thing for one and something completely different for the other, it generates jealousy and resentment. Equally, getting identical stocking fillers for them is not an option either. One of them will lose their gift and both will then fight to the death over the item that hasn’t been lost. That’s why these charm stretch bracelet kids are ideal for sisters. They are effectively two of the same gift but the colours set them apart. Luckily, they happen to come in my girls’ favourite colours. A pink version is also available.

Two boxes of make your own bracelets displayed against a bunch of sunflowers

Stocking Fillers for Book-lovers

Both of my girls are book lovers so we always get a few little book related gifts. They usually receive a book token for a local bookshop from family for Christmas and birthdays. We like to use the four gift rule at Christmas so we get them something to read as well. These are lovely book-lovers’ gifts if you don’t want to buy an actual book.

Unicorn Book-tails

My youngest is an avid reader. She is also prolific at losing her bookmark. I think it’s because pieces of paper or card don’t really mean much to her. I had a bit of a bolt of inspiration when I saw this unicorn bookmark. Lia will never lose her cuddly toys, she absolutely adores them. So, a plush bookmark is the ideal solution. A strong, braided string keeps your page and the unicorn’s head and tail and tail are visible popping out of your book. I love the glasses on the unicorn too.

Unicorn bookmark ideal stocking filler for book-loving kids displayed against a bunch of sunflowers

The Super Bendy Light

For little ones who sleep in bunk beds or don’t have a natural place to put a bedside light, this super-bendy, bright light is ideal for reading in bed. It’s great to take camping with you too. The legs are coated to make them extra grippy. Their flexibility means they can bend into multiple positions and wrap around, under or through most horizontal or vertical surfaces. The head rotates 360 degrees too so you can shine the light just where you need it.

Portable reading lamp ideal stocking filler for book-loving kids displayed against a bunch of sunflowers

Do check out the stocking fillers section on the Wicked Uncle website for more ideas of small gifts for children of all ages.

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