Brio SmartClean Review and Competition

Since I was a child, I have always been really fussy about looking after my teeth – and more specifically my gums. My mum suffers with gum problems and always worried that I would take after her and have problems too.

Whilst regular brushing and a healthy diet are of primary importance in terms of oral hygiene, using a good electric toothbrush can make looking after teeth and gums a lot easier. It is quite widely accepted that the best electric toothbrushes are sonic ones. However, the price point of them can make them inaccessible to many people.

Brio have developed a sonic toothbrush that is available at a much more reasonable price point than others on the market. This was done specifically to allow more people to be able to afford to use them. In addition to the price point, Brio realised the importance of long battery life and affordable and easy to source replacement heads.

The SmartClean has worked with dental practices in the USA and been recommended as one of the best products of 2015 by Clinician’s Report, an organisation made up of a panel of dentists. Having read all this, I had high hopes for my SmartClean, and I wasn’t disappointed.

The SmartClean is available on Amazon at a price point of £52.00 with free delivery. It arrived in a nice, compact box along with two toothbrush heads, a charger cable and a really useful user guide.

Brio SmartClean Sonic Electric Toothbrush Review - a high end electric toothbrush at an affordable price point

As with most electric toothbrushes, this one comes with a two-pronged charger fitting, rather than a standard UK plug. However, the fitting on this brush is not a standard two-pin fitting like those that fit in a shaver socket.

Brio SmartClean Sonic Electric Toothbrush Review - a high end electric toothbrush at an affordable price point

To charge the brush, you will need an appropriate adaptor. I used a mult-fit adaptor that will allow any appliance to be connected to a UK plug. I didn’t buy it especially for the toothbrush, and seem to remember buying it in Boots several years go, so this might be the best place to look for one.

The user guide is really helpful, telling you the best ways of charging the battery to make sure that it lasts the maximum amount of time before having to recharge it. And this is the first thing that I love about the SmartClean – the battery lasts for up to six weeks between charges. SIX WEEKS!!

A complete charge takes 24 hours and you are advised to charge it completely before use, in order to ensure that you get the maximum possible battery life. During the charge, there is a solid blue light showing, this starts to flash when fully charged. After charging, you can take the toothbrush off the unit, pack the charger away and forget about it for the time being.

The brush head easily attaches to the brush and detaches from it. Once the head is on, you run it under the tap before putting toothpaste on. The instruction leaflet wisely advises you to make sure the brush is in your mouth before turning it on.

The brush is very slick looking, with a button that you only have to lightly press to turn it on. One press puts it in ‘normal’ mode, which is the one that I use. For people that haven’t used a brush like this before, you press again to access ‘soft’ mode. This lets you get used to the sensation of it before using it on the slightly higher powered ‘normal’ mode. There is also a ‘massage’ mode, which pulses on and off.

Brio SmartClean Sonic Electric Toothbrush Review - a high end electric toothbrush at an affordable price point

Again, I found the user guide really helpful in terms of the best way to brush your teeth with the SmartClean. After you press the on button, the brush remains on for 2 minutes. This is thought to be the ideal amount of time to brush your teeth for. The brush briefly stops every 30 seconds, to remind you to move to cleaning a different zone of your mouth.

For whitening purposes, you can keep the brush on stained teeth for a little longer. You are advised to do this after you’ve completely finished brushing your whole mouth. I have found that my teeth have naturally become whiter since using the SmartClean without focussing specifically on stained areas.

Since starting to use the SmartClean, I have felt my teeth to be notably cleaner. This is based purely on the way they look to me in the mirror, and the clean feeling when I run my tongue over my teeth. They actually feel clean all day which is a bit of a revelation.

Over all, I have been really impressed with the Brio SmartClean. I love the fact that it doesn’t need charging frequently, it is incredibly simple and effective and I think it’s great value for money. My only slight issue with it was the fact that if I hadn’t had a universal adaptor, I think I would have had to put some time and effort into finding an adaptor that worked with it.

This hasn’t put me off recommending it to people though, it is just something to be aware of. I have already recommended it to my mum, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anybody else or buy another one myself in the future.

If you would like to win a Brio SmartClean, you can enter via the very simple rafflecopter below. There are a variety of entry options and no social media accounts are required.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Please note, the Brio Smart Clean Sonic Electric Toothbrush was given to me for the purpose of an honest review. All views, opinions and teeth are my own. 

220 thoughts on “Brio SmartClean Review and Competition

  1. Tracy Nixon

    I love the fact that it briefly stops every 30 seconds, to remind you to move to cleaning a different zone of your mouth!

  2. deborah smith

    i like that it doesnt need charging all the time as well i hate it when i forget to charge mine xx fab giveaway x

  3. Lindsey Stuart

    I love that there are alot of different modes especially the soft mode, I have never heard of that before, Fantastic! 🙂

  4. Anna

    My teeth stain really easily- not sure if it is just because I drink a lot of tea so the stain setting would be ideal.

  5. Siobhan Davis

    I Love the timer idea thats fantastic and means you will brush your teeth for the right amount of time 🙂

  6. lynn savage

    I like the different modes especially the one when it pauses to remind you to move to a different area

  7. christine szlobodnik

    The fact it lasts a long time between charges ^,^

    i’d love this, i suffer from terrible gum problems that doesn’t seem to shift


  8. Sue Caton

    Definitely that the charge last six weeks. The charge on our electric toothbrush currently lasts about six MINUTES (it’s old and dying) so we’d love to upgrade!!

  9. Emma Davis

    I love the fact that one charge lasts six weeks….that’s incredible. I’m a bit obsessive about cleaning my teeth as I also suffer from gum problems. A toothbrush which leaves your teeth feeling noticeably cleaner is a huge bonus. Sounds like a fantastic product.

  10. judy kennedy

    I like the idea of the soft mode as I am not really kean on electric toothbrushes as I feel my brain is shaking!

  11. charlotte

    i like the fact it tells you after 30 seconds to move onto a different part, i tend to stay on the visible parts of my teeth so this would be great!

  12. Alison Johnson

    I like the fact it pauses every 30 seconds so you know to move on to the next section of your mouth.

  13. Naz M

    I like that it briefly stops every 30 seconds to let you know to move to a different part of your teeth and that it remains on for 2 minutes so you know when to stop.

  14. Gemma Massey

    How it lasts for 2 minutes and let’s you know every 30 seconds to change zone in your mouth this would be ideal as I’ve got poorly teeth thanks for the chance x


    My favourite part is the brush briefly stops every 30 seconds to remind you to move to cleaning a different zone of your mouth.

  16. Julie Foster

    I love the fact that it gives you the right amount of time for brushing to avoid overbrushing as I hace so often done which has caused my gums to receed , Overbrushing can be as vad as underbrushing sometimes 🙂

  17. Alenah Jones

    My favourite part is that it switches off after 2 minutes and that it briefly stops every 30 seconds to remind you to move to different parts of your mouth. So clever! Good luck everyone

  18. jo liddement

    I like the way the brush stays on for 2 minutes so that you know you will have used the brush for the correct amount of time

  19. Heidi Friis

    I can travel with this because the battery holds it charge for so long. WOW! Knocks spots of the ancient one I have been using!

  20. Andrea Storey

    I like how it stops everything 30s to remind you to clean elsewhere, a very smart feature!

  21. Cassandra Mayers

    That the battery life is long. My bathroom doesn’t have a plug so have to charge in my bedroom all the time which is a pain,

  22. Eva Appleby

    My favourite feature is that the brush briefly stops every 30 seconds, to remind you to move to cleaning a different zone of your mouth.

  23. Susan B

    The brush briefly stops every 30 seconds to remind you to brush elsewhere is my favourite feature.

  24. Victoria Prince

    My favourite feature is the fact it stops briefly every 30 seconds – my current toothbrush just has a 2 minute timer and I know I spend too long on certain areas of my mouth and not long enough on others!

  25. ellie spider

    The timer feature – I am not the best at spending the right amount of time cleaning my teeth so this would be useful

  26. Jane Gorton

    The soft mode is a wonderful feature. Fantastic prize, I would love to win your competition xxxxxx

  27. alice lightning

    the different modes for cleaning and of course the battery lasts longer amazing prize giveaway

  28. Hazel Christopher

    I love the 30second interval beep so you know to move to a different area of the mouth.

  29. Ian Campbell

    The Smartclean function. A handy yet extremely intuitive function which should be standard on ALL sonic toothbrushes. It really does sound amazing! 🙂

  30. Jill Donaldson

    I love the long life battery I hate charging them as I always forget to take it back to the bathroom x

  31. Fiona jk42

    I have avoided getting an electric brush because I have sensitive teeth, so I like the fact that this brush has a “soft” mode.

  32. Michelle Cheeseman

    I like that it has a good battery life and reminds you to move to different areas when cleaning.

  33. Diane Duggan

    I like that the brush remains on for 2 minutes because I never know how long I’ve been brushing my teeth for.


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