Book cover of The Anglo-French Exchange by Dr Allswell Eno

The Anglo-French Exchange by Dr Allswell Eno: Review

AD – This book was gifted for the purpose of a review

Anyone who learned French at school will recognise the idiosyncrasies of the language when compared to English. On first glance, it’s a relatively easy language to learn. Getting to grips with the accent poses more of a problem. But when it comes to being understood, most of us can give it a good go. The problems come when you delve a little deeper into French and realise you were probably talking absolute nonsense 90% of the time. So, what can I say about the Anglo-French Exchange? I can only rue the fact it didn’t exist in my formative years of learning the language.

The Anglo-French Exchange Review

Looking back on my own school days, it is to the great credit of French teachers and exchange students alike that none of them ever laughed in my face as I attempted to make myself understood. It wasn’t until I moved on to study the subject at university and spend a year living there that the glaring errors I’d been making really sank in. These days, my language skills are more than a little rusty. Yet taking on an international client has meant that I’m having to write in French occasionally. And it’s tough.

The Anglo-French Exchange is the reference book I wish I’d had when I was at high school. Whilst it doesn’t pretend to teach you the whole language from scratch, it is excellent at explaining those little nuances that are so easy to miss. Aimed at people who have a good grasp of French as a second language, this falls firmly in the reference book category. As Libby starts high school in September, I will be recommending it to her as she progresses with her learning.

Despite aiming at a higher standard of language than school, it is extremely easy to follow. I was particularly impressed with the real-life examples used in the book. Additionally, cultural subtleties are explored to guide the reader towards sounding like a native. Whether learning French as an english speaker or English as a French speaker, this book is a passport to fluency.

Book cover of The Anglo-French Exchange by Dr Allswell Eno
Book cover of The Anglo-French Exchange by Dr Allswell Eno

About The Author

I have to admit I was a little surprised to read about Dr Allswell Eno’s background. I expected him to be perhaps a French teacher or translator. In fact, Dr Eno was London born and bred and trained as a doctor. A general practitioner since 1997, he loved French at school. Dr Eno then found himself dealing with numerous French-speaking patients in his professional life. This encouraged him to improve his language skills, but he found language books to be dry and difficult to use. Hence developing this fabulous resource himself.

Dr Allswell Eno author of The Anglo-French Exchange
Dr Allswell Eno

Dr Eno is noteworthy as a vigorous campaigner for racial terminology and for equality for people of African heritage. His campaign to change the language around race, particularly in the media, focuses on referring to people by heritage rather than skin colour. You can find out more about Dr Eno on his bLack of Respect Campaign website.

The Anglo-French Exchange is available to buy now. (Affiliate Link)

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