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Date Night Looks From Cotton Traders [AD]

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Do date nights really happen in your house? As parents to two extremely active and sociable girls, date nights are little more than a pipe dream for my husband and I. Occasionally though, we treat ourselves to an evening at Malvern Theatres. Watching a show always feels like a very civilised way to spend the evening and I usually wear one of my Cotton Traders dresses. With Valentine’s night rapidly approaching, Cotton Traders asked if I wanted to collaborate with them to plan my “perfect date night” look. The reality is that this Valentine’s day, my husband and I will be spending the evening together. Not having a fancy meal or going to the theatre, but attending a meeting for a local sports club we’re both involved in. So, in honour of real-life, here are my perfect date night looks for an imperfect date night.

Imperfect date night look 1: Jeans and Jersey

My first imperfect date night look is the classic jeans and a jersey top. I am firmly of the opinion that you can’t beat jeans for an evening out. Gone are the days when jeans were considered scruffy. These days, a well-cut pair of jeans will do for any occasion. Out for a stroll and decide to duck into a pub for a drink? No problem. Last minute change of plans leaves you staying out later and having dinner? Also fine.

I am extremely pleased to see that wide leg stretch jeans are back on the agenda. These have always been my favourite style but the past few years have been all about skinny jeans. Wide legs are just so much more practical! It means I can get them on after cold water swimming without wrestling with them and falling over. They go over boots or trainers and they are just so much more flattering than a tight leg.

Next on the agenda is a jersey top. Equally good for any eventuality and baggy enough to be flattering, particularly with a good pair of jeans. I’m still not completely over the stripey blue look that has been hanging on in fashion for at least the past 10 years if not longer. So, I couldn’t resist the bluebell and white colour combination. Better still, this top carries over perfectly into imperfect date night look number 2.

Imperfect date night look 2: Cropped Trousers and Denim Jacket

I’m sticking with the bluebell and white jersey top for look number two. This time, I’ve designed a date night look for warmer weather. Spring is definitely around the corner, I’ve seen daffodils springing up in a couple of places so it’s time to invest in some cropped trousers. Cotton Traders wrinkle-free collection has been a revelation to me. Ideal for shoving in a bag, camper van or suitcase yet still smart when you put them on. These wrinkle-free pull-on crop trousers come in a variety of colours and the navy is my favourite.

The last item I chose is a denim jacket in spring rose colour. It will brighten up all my other outfit choices without openly looking like I’m going for the double denim B*Witched late 90s girl group look. Plus, on a spring evening when wearing cropped trousers, I’ll need a jacket to throw over the top to keep out the cold that is bound to creep in as the night wears on.

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