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Think back to the most memorable presents you’ve given or received. The chances are, they were deeply personal. Often, they involve photos. There’s nothing quite like a photo book for reliving happy memories. Yet these days, most of us are guilty of not printing off our photos. I am certainly a culprit. It has been in the media numerous times over the years that the children of today are the most photographed generation due to the convenience of phone cameras and digital snaps. Yet they risk growing up with no photos to look back on, because we don’t print them off. 

Turning the tide with photo books

Photo books are a great way to ensure that our children will have photos to look back on in years to come. These days, they are increasingly easy to create and making them can become an annual tradition. If we create a photo book at the end of every year, there will be something to look back on when these days become memories. 

Photo books make ideal Christmas gifts. Many of us create them for friends and family and they’re a particular favourite for grandparents. However, not many of us think of creating them for children themselves. 

Have you considered a photo book as a gift for a child? Whether it comes from Santa or from family, it is a lovely way to look back on the year. Flick through the photos together and remember all the wonderful times you’ve had during the past 12 months. Better still, provide a special place for them to keep the books so you can add a new one to their collection every year. These are the sort of gifts children will treasure forever. 

Rosemood photo books

Rosemood’s range of premium photo books would make ideal gifts. Choose between a magazine style soft cover book, a printed hardcover book or a fabric hardcover book. Each one offers a variety of layouts to display your photos. Choose between square, portrait or landscape. High quality paper and binding in these art-inspired books ensures a professional finish. 

Rosemood are so so keen to ensure your photo books are exactly as you want them that they offer several lovely services that I haven’t heard of elsewhere. They’ll proof read the text you enter up to 500 words. Every cover photo will be manually checked and touched up to look perfect. Photos inside the book can be automatically retouched and page layout is optimised. 

Rosemood personalised photo calendar

Another lovely gift idea for this time of year is a personalised photo calendar. Rosemood have designed a unique calendar for the wall. Full of luxurious finishes including a cover stamped with gold foil, high quality paper and spiral binding. 

As with the Rosemood photo books, photos can be automatically retouched. It comes in a large format measuring 20 x 40.5cm. The cover is matte blue with metallic foil detailing. The calendar can be easily personalised with up to four photos per page. This would make a lovely gift for friends and family. However, it is something that I would also be tempted to buy as a treat for myself. 

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