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Wine means something different to everybody. For some, it is a default drink on a night out. Others only drink it with a meal, or enjoy a glass at home. However you feel about wine, it’s important to know which varieties you prefer. It is possible to go wine tasting at a vineyard or pub. There are even lengthy educational courses available for anyone who wants an in depth knowledge. Now though, it is possible to gradually learn about the principles of wine tasting without leaving your house via The Wine List, an education focussed wine subscription box. Read on to find out all about it and enter a giveaway to win an introductory tasting box. For a Wine List discount, enter plutoniumsox30 on their website for 30% off your first box.

The Wine List bottles of red and white wine

What is The Wine List?

The Wine List is a subscription box for anybody who wants to increase their knowledge. This is not the sort of subscription box that just sends through a big box of wine at a bit of a discount. Instead, they focus on people who really want to learn about wine. Each month, customers receive two carefully selected bottles of wine, each retailing at between £15 and £20. The Wine List pick lesser-known regions, grapes and winemakers to help customers expand their knowledge.

Along with the wine itself, customers receive the Wine Roots tasting guide. This is a twelve lesson programme that is sent out once a month. The guide explains key principles from tasting to wine making. Also in the box is an interactive tasting card for each wine. Customers also have access to The Wine List community with lots of tasting notes and monthly videos.

Wine tasting guide and information cards

The Wine List subscription price for all this is £39 per month. It is great to enjoy each box with friends or family as an affordable alternative to a night out. Many of us wish we knew more about wine but don’t fancy the formality of a wine tasting course. Instead, The Wine List allows people to build up their knowledge gradually and learn about tasting, wine making and the components of the flavours they enjoy.

Bico Da Ran white wine with tasting guide

What we thought of The Wine List

My husband and I have been trying out the first Wine List subscription box. It contained one bottle each of red and white. We both prefer to drink red, but were pleasantly surprised by the white, a Spanish wine called Bico da Ran. In fact, if I was asked to pick a bottle of white again, I would go for the same one or one with similar properties. The Wine List describe it as, “fresh as they come, with lemon sherbert and fennel on the nose”. I would agree that it is incredibly fresh and very drinkable.

Bottle of Bico da Ran white with glass containing the wine and The Wine list information cards

The information sheet suggests a food pairing for each wine, some advanced learning, a story of the wine maker and information about the grape and region. There’s even some related trivia. On the other side is a tasting note section to fill in. It guides you through the characteristics and aroma profile and has space for some of your own notes. Both wines we tried were paired with meats or fish so as a vegetarian, I couldn’t try them with the suggested food. However, that was where the Wine Roots tasting guide came into its own.

This introductory guide led us through how to taste wine. Starting with look, then smell and finally taste. However, there is also a fourth element to it, namely ‘think’. It mentioned pairing a wine to the situation. For us, we wanted to savour every sip. It has been a long time since we’ve been out, so this was a real treat. We waited until the children had gone to bed to open a bottle and enjoyed the red with some dark chocolate. The red was a Spanish wine called Casa Castillo Monastrell. Whilst I did enjoy this, it was really interesting to read in the tasting guide that it is fresh and vibrant, far from a ‘heavy Rioja’. As a Rioja lover, I wasn’t surprised that this Casa Castillo was a little too light for me.

Casa Castillo red wine

Win an introduction to wine tasting

If you would like to try out The Wine List, you can win their first box, an introduction to wine tasting. This includes your first two wines worth £16 each, interactive tasting cards and the Wine Roots guide. The prize will be provided and sent by The Wine List. Please read my competition terms and conditions before entering via the Rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

[AD] Contains gifted products

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  1. The tasting cards look like they’d be full of ideas on cocktails and bringing new flavours to our palates xx

  2. I think it would be interesting to see if my pallette is as “sophiscated” as I think when it comes to wine. To see if what I am tasting is what is within the notes. Also the variety may push us to try something we wouldn’t normally pick.

  3. I’ve only recently started drinking since I’ve been working in the school…. Not like that! Working there, there are lots of staff that enjoy drinking and going out for a glass of wine so I’ve been socialising more and trying different drinks. I would like to enjoy learning a out wines rather than just drinking them.

  4. I love drinking wine but I don’t know much about them. Would love to learn more about wine and taste new ones!

  5. I love wine but I don’t know much about it. I like that not only do you get wine, you get to learn about it .

  6. I always worry about choosing a naff wine to give to my hosts when I am invited for a meal. It would be good to know how to choose the best wine at my price point.

  7. I want to rediscover new world wines . I went through a stage of loving them , but then the big brands took over and ruined my enjoyment .

  8. It would be lovely to learn how to appreciate wine more, and in the privacy of my own home

  9. I’d like to find out about different grapes and regions as well as trying new wines of course!