Thursday photo #199

Half term ended just the way it started – with lots of fun and chaos. It’s amazing how quickly a week can fly by when you’re enjoying yourself. None of us were ready for school to start again. Here’s a very brief video of what we’ve been up to. Now it’s over, we’re ready for the next school holidays. Roll on Easter!

Exploring new places

Isn’t it strange how you can overlook places that are on your doorstep? On Friday, we were meeting some friends. They suggested meeting at Witley Court, which is a local English Heritage site about half an hour away from home. And ridiculously, I’d never been there before.

It’s safe to say, we will definitely be back. It’s just our sort of place. There are walking trails that children can cycle, it’s dog friendly, there’s a beautiful lake and a rather stunning old building which sadly is a ruin these days. We’ll be getting English Heritage membership next month and I can’t wait to explore all the other places we’ve been missing out on.

Making the most of old favourites

We’ve had quite a bit of snow here recently. Not much that has settled, but enough to make the Malvern hills look utterly beautiful. So, I’ve been getting up there both with the children and since they’ve gone back to school.

Mornings tend to be rather chaotic here, as I’m sure they are for most families with young children. Yesterday morning started with Lia sitting in a drawer and getting stuck. By the time I’ve done the school run, I’m ready to blow away the cobwebs with a walk on the hills. Even if the dogs weren’t delighted when I dragged them up there in temperatures of -4. Don’t worry, they had coats on.

Our Thursday photo #199

I’ve taken lots of photos of the girls this week, not least the ones of them in their gorgeous flower girl dresses. But I had to share this one of them in their lovely Tiny Trolls of Norway snowsuits, wrapped up warm and off to explore Witley Court.

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  1. Lovely photos. It sounds like you all had a great half-term. I am so guilty of not visiting places that are on my doorstep. I’ve never seen the Severn Bore or the snowdrops at Rococo Gardens. There’s loads of places in the Forest of Dean I haven’t been. In my defence, if the kids don’t have sport, it’s flipping hard to drag them out to somewhere ‘nice’ at their age. I’ll be visiting these places when they’ve left home!

    1. Thank you, we did have a wonderful week. I haven’t heard of the snowdrops at Rococo Gardens, off to look that up to see if we’ve missed it! I only saw the Severn Bore within the past few years. It’s a bit of an anticlimax but definitely worth seeing once. They also do a ‘beat the bore’ run where you race against it. I want to do that one day, was due to do it a few years back but I was pregnant and had horrible morning sickness so didn’t make it.

  2. Beautiful heritage site – I’d love to come over to UK and explore. Your photography is wonderful and like eye candy. #KeepingItReal

  3. What a lovely time you have had. I love the girl’s snowsuits, I bet they stayed warm in them while exploring. Witley Court looks lovely, it’s not that far from me either, but I’ve never been.#keepingitreal

  4. Popping over from #keepingitreal. Brilliant VLOG you have taken some stunning photos and your flower girls looked stunning in their beautiful dresses. I loved your snow picture, what a beautiful place for a walk (think I commented on it on IG). I would love you to join in #PointShoot (if you have time) it is a photo linky I run on Tuesday until Friday, your shots really are beautiful!

    1. Thank you, the girls just loved the dresses. And you’re right, it is a gorgeous place to walk, we’re so lucky. Please feel free to give me a reminder on Twitter about your linky, I’m terrible at remembering to join in with things but happy to do so if reminded!

    1. Thank you, I highly recommend Witley Court if ever you’re passing through this way. And yes, Tiny Trolls are by far the warmest things my girls have ever had!

  5. Hi Nat, I love your video, it shares what you’ve been up to perfectly… It’s all too easy to overlook the places right on our doorstep, we’ve never been to Kefalonia and it’s literally just over there! I’m sure you’ll get the most out of your English heritage membership, I know I would… Oh, those Malvern hills look beautiful covered in a smattering of snow(not sure about the temperature though). I can see why you enjoy a bit of alone time (with the dogs) up there… I love Lia’s cheeky smile, although I can imagine it can be exasperating first thing in the morning… Your girls look all set for winter in their suits, fingers crossed that spring isn’t too far off though!

    Thank you for linking up with #keepingitreal.