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Choosing children’s clothing is a minefield. Balancing what they love with the things that are fashionable. There’s the additional complication of choosing something age appropriate. I always avoid clothes designed to make little children look like teenagers. The girls received some children’s clothes from wholesale children’s clothing company-Kimi Dog. It made their day to come home from school to find these unusual outfits waiting for them.

Tweed, checks and tartan

I’ve always loved the look and feel of tweed. There’s something comforting about the thick, good quality fabric. It reminds me of autumnal days, conkers and kicking through the leaves. It seems so unusual to have a little girl’s dress made of tweed. Libby and Lia both tried this one on, deciding it would be ideal for playing schools. This would be their uniform for their game, so they popped it on over a white t-shirt.

Lia quickly claimed the red and black checked dress. She loves the colour of it and it’s made from the same good quality, thick material as the tweed dress. This one is a slightly different shape, with the added bonus of a cute little heart-shaped pocket. Meanwhile, Libby had fallen in love with a long sleeved, red, tartan dress. Pretty crown detailing on the collar made her feel like a princess.

Libby also took to the other checked dress. A particularly unusual garment combining a pastel checked top with a light, full skirt. Last year, Libby’s class had an amazing themed topic day where they were allowed to dress as a passenger on the titanic. As soon as she saw this dress, Libby identified that it would have been ideal for her topic day. We’re hoping that Lia will have the same topic day next year so she can wear it.

Blocks of colour

As soon as I saw it, I knew Libby would go for this yellow dress. Do you ever see people as colours? Libby is definitely yellow. A bright, cheerful little character who loves to stand out from the crowd. This dress is ideally suited to her.

Meanwhile, Lia’s colour of choice is definitely pink. These days, she occasionally flits to purple or light blue. But pink goes with everything in her wardrobe. So, a pink cardigan is ideal for this time of year. Something to pop on with a short sleeved top or dress before heading out for the day. And for now, she’s pretending it’s a school cardigan to go with her pretend school uniform. I love their imagination.

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