Natalie sitting on a bench seat with fence and trees behind. Wearing black oversized loungewear sweatshirt

Loungewear after lockdown [AD]

As the third lockdown slowly draws towards its conclusion, do you look back on the good things that have come out of it? Is there anything you started during lockdown that you’ll continue with? There are a few things we want to stick with. I’ve made a conscious decision to make small changes to develop a healthier lifestyle. We’ve started growing fruit and vegetables in the garden, which we absolutely love. The other thing that has stuck for me though is loungewear. Prior to lockdown, I tended to just live in my jeans. Even after getting home, I’d stay in them for the evening. I had no idea how much more comfortable I could be.

Natalie takes a selfie outdoors with fence and trees behind wearing black oversized loungewear top with stitch detailing
Loungewear is a much better option than pjs when you spend a lot of time in the garden!

MREP clothing loungewear

During the first lockdown, I pretty much lived in what can only be described as loungewear. Comfy, loose clothing that I wouldn’t necessarily wear out of the house but it’s the comfiest thing in the world. At the time, I stuck with things I already owned. Tracksuit bottoms bought for after open water swimming, hoodies that had been hanging around the house for ages. But having discovered the joy of these sorts of clothes, I’m always on the lookout for new ones.

At the moment, I’m trying out some loungewear from MREP clothing. They sell a range of loungewear including super comfy, over sized joggers. The joggers come in a set with either a hoody or a sweatshirt. I went for the sweatshirt because I am rather a hoodie addict and I have loads of them, so it was nice to get something different. Both the trousers and the sweatshirt are incredibly comfortable and warm. The fabric is beautifully soft on the inside, exactly what you want to climb into for relaxing at home.

The loungewear set I chose has contrast stitch detailing all around the seams. This is a theme that has been followed elsewhere on the MREP website, so it was easy to find a top to match. I ordered a size 12 and the outfit seems to come up true to size and fits nicely. Better still, the clothes arrived within 24 hours of placing my order. All of the loungewear sets are available in a range of colours and with cropped or longer hoodies or sweatshirts. You can browse the MREP contrast stitch loungewear collection here.

Natalie sitting on a bench seat with fence and trees behind. Wearing black oversized loungewear sweatshirt
Oversized stitch detail top. Photography by Libby.
Natalie sitting on a bench outside with trees and fence behind wearing black oversized stitch detailed joggers with matching top
Oversized joggers with matching top. Photo by Libby.
Natalie takes a selfie in black oversized loungewear sweatshirt with trees and sun behind
Selfie in the oversized sweater

The joy of oversized clothing

When it comes to loungewear, oversized clothing is definitely the way forward. I would much rather relax in something that doesn’t feel tight. Not least because I want to be able to eat a huge pizza without having to loosen my trousers. There are other advantages to wearing oversized clothing too. It’s exactly what I want for after wild swimming. Easy to put on, warm and cosy. At this time of year when I’m starting to stay in the river for a little longer, I need to change quickly and thaw out. Now to decide whether to keep my new outfit for home or wear it for after swimming as well.

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