Thursday photo #191

This week has been rather a non-event. Actually, a non-event would have been preferable. Saturday was spent doing my tax return, finishing at around 1am on Sunday morning. By then, I was feeling like I was getting a cold. Things went rapidly downhill from there, and the achievement of the week has been keeping the children alive despite feeling like death myself.

The pantomime

Every year, we go to the fabulous Malvern Theatres pantomime. This year, our tickets were booked for New Year’s Eve. Despite starting to feel a bit rubbish, there was no way I was going to miss out on the panto.

It was the right decision, with the performance as brilliant as ever. Alison Hammond starred as the Fairy Godmother, but she wasn’t actually in it as much as I had expected. This didn’t detract from the show though, as Buttons really stole the show.

Sadly, he might also steal the show at my sister’s wedding later in the year. Since watching it, the girls have cottoned on to a version of Buttons’ “Where’s me mates?” “Here we are!” catchphrase. This is being combined with running around with baskets pretending to be flower girls at the wedding. I do hope this catchy little skit leaves their head sharpish. Although so far, it’s shown no signs of doing so.

The rest of the week

After the panto, we went for an early tea at a local restaurant before heading home. The girls were in bed by 7pm as usual on New Year’s Eve and my husband and I settled down to watch a film. Unfortunately, by the time I’d fallen asleep eight times during the course of a two hour film, I realised it was time for bed. So much for seeing in the New Year.

We have had a couple of walks on the Malvern hills over the Christmas holidays, which has been lovely. I managed to venture out of bed for a couple of hours on New Year’s day to go to the park and for a walk as a family. And that was me done.

The children don’t enjoy being stuck indoors anymore than I do. So having them on my own on days when I haven’t felt like getting out of bed hasn’t been much fun. However, it has taught me a valuable lesson. As usual, I hadn’t really slowed down over the festive period and still ended up with late nights and early mornings most days. I know full well that this is why the illness has hit me so hard. As confirmed in my 18 things for 2018 post, one of my New Year’s resolutions is to rest more. Now all I have to do is take my own advice.

Our Thursday photo #191

The panto characters were kind enough to pose for photos with the children after the show. So, our Thursday photo is this one of the girls with Mark James as Buttons.

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  1. Oh dear, sorry to hear you’ve been feeling so poorly. I hope you’re feeling better soon. I hope the girls lose their panto catchphrases soon! Imagine how bad they’d be if you’d watched seven times or performed 25 times… Our lives are essentially one big long panto catchphrase- we’re still doing them from two years ago, not to mention the latest one!

  2. The last panto I went to was Jack and the beanstalk. Cilla Black was Jack and during the interval they had a little competition where children were selected to go up on stage of the Hippodrome and sing. I was picked along with a boy to go and sing Postman Pat theme tune (random). We both got a goody bag. Good times.

    Having lurgy to tart the year sounds rubbish. I hope you feel better soon x

    1. Thank you Louise, I’m feeling a lot better now. I have been thinking a lot about you and little Jessica and I’m so pleased to see how well she’s getting on.

  3. I love a good panto!! We go every year to the one in our local town of Warrington, mainly to support the local community, but also because they run it in January, so it’s something to look forward to after the Christmas and new year festivities. This year it’s Jack & the Beanstalk and we’re off to see it on opening night this Friday – can’t wait!!!

  4. Hi Nat, I do hope that you are feeling better now and yes you must slow down a touch every now and again! Much easier said than done I know! I was in bed, pooped after our Sunday walk on New Year’s Eve, so never saw the New Year in either… I used to love pantomimes, they are such a fun Christmas tradition, but not something that is done here.

    Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy 2018.


  5. I think it’s OK to have a week here or there where just keeping the kids alive is your greatest achievement.

    I think in some instances we focus too much on filling their days with adventures and excitement. Looking back at my childhood I spent most of it running around with the lads or reading.

    I know there were trips to museums and cultural sites as well as holidays.

  6. Our days of the panto are well and truly over (actually I’m not sure they ever really started!) but your girls are clearly loving it! I laughed at your description of them running around with baskets on their heads – I’m sure that would go down famously at the wedding lol. Sorry to hear you’ve been poorly, it’s awful when the kids are home isn’t it? Here’s hoping you’re on the mend. xx

  7. Sorry to hear you were unwell hope you are better now. Least it is forcing you to rest more which is what you said you’d be doing. Shame Alison wasn’t in the panto more. I had forgot that I still have another to watch at the end of this month!

  8. I think half the country has been ill recently, we all were over the Christmas holidays especially poor Fin and now Si! Hope you feel better soon, though the Panto sounds great, I’ve not been to one in years!

    Stevie x