A photo of the sky showing a gateway to the future

A gateway to the future

Something strange happened to me the other day. I was walking the dogs across our local field when I noticed the sky. You could see the sun behind the clouds, so it looked quite pretty. But then I realised that where the clouds stopped, so did the sun. It looked like a seam across the sky. A gateway to another world – or to the future perhaps?

A photo of the sky showing a gateway to the future

What is going on in this area?

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you might be aware that this isn’t the first time something odd has happened to me. But what you may not realise is that the above photo of the sky was taken just metres from where I had my last strange experience.

Last time, I was walking with the children and the dogs. I had my hands full, so I asked Libby to walk Pluto. I was quite proud of them both because they walked so nicely together. Before stopping to take a photo of them, I made sure nobody was behind us on the footpath so we wouldn’t get in the way. There was nobody there, so I snapped a picture on my phone. But check out the shadowy figure in the background. If there was nobody there, then who is in my photo?

A gateway to the future

A slip in time

Thousands of people have looked at the creepy figure in that photo. Most see the figure as being from a bygone era. A tall soldier in WWI uniform or a miner returning home from work. In contrast, my latest photo of the sky definitely looks futuristic. Perhaps it offers an insight into the time slips that might help us to travel in the future.

Every morning, I chat to the girls on the way to school in the car. We have quite grown-up conversations about politics or technology. The girls are aware that Theresa May is our Prime Minister and they knew about the general election. So in the car the other day, we had a chat about it.

When I told Libby that Theresa May had won the general election, she was quite cross. Libby was firmly of the opinion that there are other people who would do a much better job of it. She was adamant that either Mo Farah or Tim Peake should be Prime Minister. I did explain that they were both busy people, but she was quite insistent.

A gateway to the future

The future of travel

Libby thought that if Mo Farah was Prime Minister, everybody would be more healthy because he’d make sure they did plenty of sport. And as for Tim Peake? Well, Libby is relying on him to change the way we travel.

This sparked a discussion about travel in the future. Libby thinks that Tim Peake would be able to take us everywhere in a spacecraft. She’d like to go to the moon, or even just get to Scotland a bit quicker next time we go on holiday. The spacecraft must have room for a camper van though, because we’ll need it when we arrive.

Libby’s space craft idea might sound far fetched, but check out this blog about the transport of the future. From driverless vehicles to gravity-defying hyperloops with a top speed of 720 mph. But my favourite has to be the Antipode. This puts the hyperloop to shame, travelling at 12,000 miles per hour. It will be powered by an engine that runs off oxygen in the earth’s atmosphere.

Exciting though this is, Lia came up with a much more sedate way of travelling. She has always wanted to go to Australia, but I keep telling her it’s a bit far and we haven’t got enough money. So when she’s designing the transport of the future, she’ll make it possible to go to Australia in your sleep. But we all know that children can already go wherever they want to in the land of nod. Dream big little one.

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