Summer adventures with Sunbites [AD]

For many of us, the summer holidays bring an opportunity to explore the UK. Heading to the beach, a lake or glorious countryside to spend time outdoors. We spent a couple of weeks in our camper van so we could take the girls to some of our favourite areas. Whilst camping holidays keep costs down, they do bring their own expense. Taking a picnic is a great option on days out from the campsite because it’s so much cheaper than buying lunch. We tried out Sunbites as a picnic treat while we were camping beside Lake Bala.

Adventurous spirit

My husband and I have been open water swimming on and off since not long after we met. More recently though, it has become a passion of mine. I swim every week all year round, even when there’s frost on the ground. My only regret is that I didn’t get into it sooner. That’s why I’m so keen to make wild swimming accessible to the girls. They are strong swimmers now, so this summer has been their first experience of regular outdoor dips.

Having the SUP definitely helps, because both girls use it competently. So if they don’t fancy swimming, there’s no pressure to do so. They can still tag along with us on the SUP while we swim. For me, days by the lake or river are what childhood is all about. They get wet, muddy, sun drenched, wind-swept and rained on. And they enjoy every minute of it.

This summer, we camped next to Lake Bala in North Wales for a week. As is often the case, we chose a campsite that allowed us to stay put and entertain ourselves within walking or cycling distance of where we camped. Fostering that adventurous spirit in the children that I hope will serve them well in later life.

Picnic feasts

When we arrived at the campsite, we knew we wouldn’t want to go far. So, our shopping included plenty of picnic-friendly food. Lunches consisted of anything I could prepare in the van. I’m trying to say no to sugary snacks at the moment, so we decided on Sunbites as our picnic treats. I’ve enjoyed Sunbites since discovering them by accident quite a while ago. When I’m treating myself to something I don’t worry too much about anything other than taste, and these taste great.

However, it’s good to know that they’re also high in fibre and made with whole grains. Having a treat in the van that I can chuck in the picnic basket makes life so much easier when we’re camping. Sunbites don’t melt or get squashed, and they’re just as tasty when they’re a bit warm. Better still, both the Sun Ripened Sweet Chilli and Sour Cream and Cracked Black Pepper flavours are unanimously liked in our family. So, there’s no risk of arguments – as long as we’ve got plenty of them!

Find out more about these tasty snacks over on the Sunbites website.

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  1. Ooh, just bought a multi-pack of these the other day as they looked like a better alternative to some other crisps. My daughter is a crisp fiend!