Natalie standing in the garden wearing a blue floral Cotton Traders Jasmine Harman Collection dress

Cotton Traders: Jasmine Harman Collection [AD]

[AD] Contains gifted products

It’s no secret that I absolutely love Cotton Traders women’s clothing. Not only does it look great, but they focus on practicality as well as style. Functional clothing that is comfortable and easy to look after is top of my list when shopping. So, I feel like Cotton Traders keep me looking stylish despite the fact it’s not really a priority for me. This summer, they’ve teamed up with Jasmine Harman to create a Summer 2023 collection focusing on fabulous outfits that are easy to pack and will still hold their shape. No matter how long they’ve been in your suitcase for. With a wedding to go to next month, that was exactly what I needed. Here are a few of my favourite items from that collection.

Cotton Traders: Jasmine Harman Collection Tops

As you would expect from this collection, there are lots of smart tops, suitable for all occasions. Fortunately, they are all created from fabrics that don’t crease. I really like the lacy tops that are fashionable at the moment. Whilst I’m not usually one for wearing white or cream (I’m quite clumsy), neutral colours like that really do go with everything.

I chose this lace short sleeve top in a natural colour. It has a lovely pattern but due to its colour, it can be worn with patterned trousers without looking over the top. This is fully lace and doesn’t come with an under-layer, so I would advise grabbing a plain, light coloured top for underneath when purchasing it.

Natalie standing in the garden wearing Cotton Traders Jasmine Harman Collection top in natural colour and patterned blue trousers from the same collection

Cotton Traders: Jasmine Harman Collection Trousers

I don’t mind admitting, I am a bit obsessed with Cotton Traders trousers. They always fit incredibly well, coming up a little on the large size so if you’re between sizes, size down. The added benefit of trousers in the Jasmine Harman collection is that they don’t crease, even if you are utterly terrible at packing like me.

I chose these printed pull-on trousers because they’re ideal for the summer months. Much as I love jeans and thicker trousers in the winter, they drive me mad in the summer. These, on the other hand, are made from light fabric that doesn’t stick to you. They’re nice and wide and airy, don’t take up much space when packing and they don’t crease. I have been living in these since they arrived, and fully intend to carry on doing so until the temperature drops.

Natalie photographed from the waist down wearing Cotton Traders Jasmine Harman Collection blue and white printed trousers

The ideal dress for a wedding you have to travel to

My sister is getting married next month, a few hours drive from where we live. I needed something smart to wear that would survive the journey down there. This floral crinkle midi dress ticks all the boxes.

I don’t often wear dresses and wanted to save this for the wedding, so when it arrived it went straight into a drawer. Rather than folding it, I just wedged it in to see how it would cope with being crumpled. As a result, this is a photo of the dress after a week or two of being crumpled up. As you can see, its crease-free properties ensure that it still looks great. I am looking forward to wearing it for a formal occasion.

Natalie standing in the garden wearing a blue floral Cotton Traders Jasmine Harman Collection dress

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