A night in with Go Binge from Three Mobile

Taking time to relax with Go Binge

The girls cuddled up on the sofa under a blanket clutching their bags of popcorn. My concerns about spending the evening cleaning it up off the floor slowly dissipated. Their trusty dog lay at their feet, ready to hoover up any stray scraps before they became part of the carpet. And I realised we should have done this months ago. A late night, chilling together as a family. Watching crap on television and taking time to relax.

A night in with Go Binge from Three Mobile

Getting it wrong

It’s rare for us to do nothing. During term time, we’re busy running from one activity to the next. Ballet, gymnastics, stage performance, piano lesson, swimming – the list goes on. So, when school holidays arrive we want to make the most of them. There are so many amazing places to visit locally and our days just fill up with fun.

Deep down though, I know I’m getting it wrong. The children need time to relax, and so do I. So, when Three asked if we’d like a night in with Go Binge, I made the most of it. We’d spent the day at the Black Country Living Museum and grabbed a pizza on the way home. Then, we all settled down on the sofa to relax.

A night in with Go Binge from Three Mobile

Our evening

I’d love to tell you that we introduced the children to one of our favourite films. A classic like Mary Poppins, or even one that they’ve grown to love through Disney on Ice like Frozen. But ultimately, it was their treat and their choice. So, somewhat predictably, we ended up watching Strictly Come Dancing. It was the Halloween special and they’d been looking forward to it all week.

They usually watch it on catchup, sneaking a few minutes here and there, while I’m cooking dinner or between activities. It was a real treat to stay up late and watch the whole thing. And much as it wasn’t my first choice, it was nice to spend the evening with them. No rushing around, no work. Just us, the television and some popcorn. Perfect.

A night in with Go Binge from Three Mobile

Go Binge

The Go Binge package from Three is perfect for nights in, whether you’re at home or elsewhere. Customers can watch Netflix, Dave, TV Player and a couple of other things without using up their mobile data. It’s available to new customers and those upgrading to a handset or SIM only advanced plan of 4GB or over, and all pay monthly MBB plans that are 5GB or over.

As I’ve just upgraded my handset and moved over to Three, I’ll be making the most of this again in the future. At home, I tend to use WiFi rather than mobile data. But when I’m away from home, staying in a hotel or even on a train, that’s when Go Binge will come into its own.

And now we’ve done it once, we might make our nights in a regular event. Even if we do end up sitting through Strictly every week.

A night in with Go Binge from Three Mobile

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  1. Hi Nat, it is nice to draw the curtains, lock the door and binge watch bad TV every now and again. Having a dog there is no excuse for fussing about dropped food and the neighbours never need know that you watch Strictly (hence the importance of drawing the curtains!). It sounds like you had a perfect night in.


  2. We’ve done something similar since Strictly’s started back up. It’s one of my guilty pleasures! We all snuggle up, and I try to forget about my never-ending to-do list. It’s important to do that sometimes, I think. x