Our Thursday Photo #81

This week, I’ve decided that I’m going to break the habit of a lifetime and actually buy some Christmas presents in November.

I’ve never really had much awareness of the deals available on Black Friday in previous years. I now realise that the discounts make it financially preferably to be organised and do my shopping tomorrow.

Having done quite a bit of research on the offers around, I thought I’d share my favourite offers, competitions and small companies who don’t reduce their prices.

1. Amazon

I do quite a bit of shopping on Amazon because I find that it generally has some of the cheapest prices around, particularly on electronics. Tomorrow there will be up to 50% off on the site. With the prices being so low anyway, I’ll certainly be checking that out.

2. Coast

This is another store with some great discounts tomorrow – ranging from 20% off dresses, shoes, accessories and jewellery to 40% off on coats. I’m having to fight with my conscience at the moment on this one because I’d really, really love to buy myself a coat but I know Christmas shopping shouldn’t really be for me…

3. Elinens

I’m buying a new duvet set for my mum as one of her Christmas presents so I was delighted to see that Elinens have up to 75% off some of their stock. I was also really interested in their competition in which you can win free bed linen FOR LIFE.

You only have to give your name and email address to enter so I’ve given this a go, I’d love to have a lifetime supply of beautiful bedding.

4. Wyatt and Jack

I read this blog post today from Wyatt and Jack, one of my favourite brands. This is a small, ethical company that makes the most amazing bags I’ve ever seen. (I’ve got three, shhh…)

The post explains very eloquently why Georgia who runs Wyatt and Jack doesn’t agree with the ethos behind Black Friday. For me, Wyatt and Jack will always be my go-to shop for bags and I totally understand why they’re not getting involved in the huge discounts of Black Friday.

They support Small Business Saturday instead, which is on Saturday 5th December to encourage everyone to support small, local businesses. I think this is a fabulous idea that could be make or break for many small traders.

Aside from the all-consuming shopping obsession I’ve had this week, we have had a brilliant time enjoying the build-up to the festive season.

We had a great time at Drayton’s Magical Christmas on Saturday and this weekend we’re heading to a local garden centre to have breakfast with Santa.

It’s been a bit of a revelation how much more important Christmas becomes when you have young children. I can’t wait to get our beautiful advent calendar out next week.

Our Thursday Photo #81 was taken at Drayton Manor. I just love the colours and the smiles on their faces. You can’t beat a carousel as a backdrop for a photo.

Drayton's Magical Christmas: Review

Please note, some of the links included in this post are collaborative. All views, opinions, odd Christmas shopping obsessions and grinning toddlers are my own.

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