Mum of two sisters has been photographing them together once a week since the youngest was born. Thursday Photo 105 in the week she turned 2.

Thursday Photo #105

Each Thursday, I sit down and look back on the previous week. There are usually ups and downs, but I always look back on the week fondly. This week has had notably more ups than downs, despite being just as busy as ever – if not more so.

On Saturday, everyone went out for the day and left me to my own devices. It was much needed time to catch up with work and things that needed doing around the house. So in my usual style, I didn’t use it for that. I ran 11 miles, sulked for a few minutes because my legs hurt and then fitted a carpet in the children’s room.

Sunday was an incredibly busy day, we went to the RHS Malvern Spring Festival with some friends who we really don’t see often enough. It was a fabulous morning and we managed to dodge most of the rain. By the afternoon, it was bright enough to eat a buffet and drink Pimms on the decking for Lia’s birthday tea (she wasn’t drinking the Pimms, I’m not that generous).

Tuesday was Lia’s actual birthday, and we had planned to meet Donna from What the Redhead Said for a day at Legoland. Fortunately, Donna is a lot more organised than me and realised that Legoland is in fact closed on a Tuesday. It was sad not to be able to meet Donna, but Lia had a lovely morning at soft play and we’ll be doing Legoland soon.

Last night, my friend and I headed to Symphony Hall in Birmingham to see Jason Donovan on his Ten Good Reasons tour. The truly awful support act gave me the chance to have a good catch up in the bar with my friend before Jason came on stage. From then on it was 80’s cheese all the way and we had a brilliant night.

Earlier on, I was wondering why work seemed so busy when I’m actually only working for a few hours a day. I’ve realised it was because things have been so busy outside of work that it’s seemed difficult finding time for it. This coming week is another exciting one for me and after that we’re into the countdown to our holiday in Scotland.

Now that Lia’s birthday is behind us, Libby is on a huge countdown to her birthday – and her party. I’ve never really been one for celebrating my birthday so I think she takes after her dad in that respect. But even I’m getting swept away a little bit by the excitement. I’m not sure what I’m going to get for her, but I know that whatever we get, she’ll love it.

I’ve taken some lovely photos of the girls this week, but my favourite has to be this one from the RHS Spring Festival on Sunday. Both girls are looking so happy and mischievous, they really enjoyed seeing all the beautiful flowers in the marquee while we hid from the rain.

Our Thursday Photo #105

Mum of two sisters has been photographing them together once a week since the youngest was born. Thursday Photo 105 in the week she turned 2.

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