Thursday photo #200

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the fact that I’ve been taking photos of these two for 200 weeks. That means it’s 200 weeks or 1400 days since Lia was born. And I’ve been repeatedly posting these photos for longer than I’ve ever stayed in a job. My CV would say different, but I stayed in one organisation for quite a time and kept moving roles.

The weather

I’m feeling terribly British for needing to mention this, but hasn’t the weather been crazy this past week? Libby made it to school on Thursday for world book day, but I was worried about getting home as we have to drive. So, I went to a friend’s house nearby for an hour before my husband caught the train home from work and we picked Libby up from school.

School was completely cancelled on Friday and snow day fun commenced. I walked the girls over to my mum’s house, dragging them most of the way on a sledge. By the time we got back, Libby was complaining about having cold hands but Lia was beside herself with excitement at the snow. So, that afternoon Lia and I headed off for some sledging. It was convenient that my husband was working from home that day so Libby and Pluto could stay in the warm and chill in front of the television.

My favourite snow day was Saturday, when we headed off as a family with the sledges. We broke up the sledging with lunch and a pint in our local pub. After all, there was no way either of us was going to be driving. Fortunately, everything bas back to normal by Monday and we’ve even had some spring sunshine since.


I’ve been a bit preoccupied with swimming this week. The thaw arrived on Sunday just in time for Libby to make it to her last swimming lesson of the term. She has now passed her level 4 certificate, so she’ll be moving into level 5 which takes place in the deeper water and swimming half a length instead of widths. Whilst she can do all the techniques she’d learnt in level 4, it was touch and go as to whether she should move up. She is still only five and very tiny after all. But her teacher decided she was ready, so next term she’ll be swimming a bit further in the deep water. She can’t wait.

Lia’s swimming is also improving. Whilst she’s not ready to go without her float yet, she is becoming more willing to put her face in the water. This is a big step forward for a little girl who is petrified of sinking. By the time the next term starts, Lia will be ready for lessons as well.

My preoccupation with swimming has revolved around finding somewhere to swim in open water this year. I’ve entered a triathlon and I’m really missing getting into a lake or river to swim. Swimming in the pool just isn’t the same. The lake at Witley Court is probably what started me thinking about it – it just looked so inviting! One of my friends is also looking to get back in the water this summer, so it will be our mission to find places to swim around the area while the children are in school. I can’t wait.

Our Thursday Photo #200

As it’s a milestone Thursday photo, I’ve made sure this was was really special. Okay, I haven’t really. I probably could have tried a little harder and made sure they at least both had their eyes open, but I rather liked this one of them bundled up on the sledge together.

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  1. Hi Nat, congratulations on posting 200 Thursday photos! What a lovely way to document your girls growing up… You do live in a beautiful area. That top photo is quite stunning. There was a time I would have been as excited as Lia, in fact maybe if it snowed heavily here I may get excited for about an hour (until the cold set in). I’d much rather snuggle at home with the fire and the dogs… It sounds as if you’ll soon have a swimming partner in your daughter! We were bought up being told how important it was to be able to swim and keep your head above water, but here, it sounds like you have no worries with your two… That last photo is lovely, it captures your girl’s joy perfectly.

    Thank you for linking up with #keepingitreal.