Yellodoor Child's First Aid Kit Review and Giveaway

Thursday Photo #135

This week has been a bit manic. They always are in the run up to Christmas though aren’t they? On Saturday we were singing Christmas carols in the village where Libby goes to school. After that the girls showed off their magic tricks in their Abracademy video. We then helped my sister with her Christmas tree, went for lunch, played at the park and they still fitted in an afternoon nap. If only I’d managed to fit one in too!

The dance show

Before Christmas, Libby’s dance school always puts on a fabulous show at a local theatre. Last year, Libby was in one dance but this time she’s in two – one for her drama class and one for rhythmic gymnastics. The show they’re doing this year is Mary Poppins.

So Sunday involved a dress rehearsal followed by an evening show. I didn’t watch the show last weekend, it’s my turn this Saturday. But apparently it all went really well – except for the fact that libby’s ballet shoes weren’t tied on properly and kept falling off. I’ll have to send her with a little note next week to make sure that somebody ties them on for her.

Getting up later

We all got back really late from the show, with the girls getting to bed at around 9.30pm – several hours later than usual. As a result, they didn’t wake up until 7.30am on Monday or Tuesday. This is a huge improvement as they’ve been awake at the crack of arse every morning since the clocks changed. This morning it was a little earlier but still an improvement.


And remarkably, despite the late night on Sunday both girls have been a lot less tired than usual this week. Libby has coped better in the evenings after school and been less grizzly. The girls have got along better and Lia has refrained from beating up her dad for most of the week. It’s amazing what an extra hour in bed can do for you. It’s safe to say that my husband and I are feeling better for it too!


This weekend is set to be even busier. Tonight we’re off on the Polar Express, which will be an extremely late night for the girls. That’s followed by Libby’s nativity dress rehearsal tomorrow, two drama shows on Saturday and a swimming lesson on Sunday. Roll on Christmas, we’re all ready for a rest!

Our Thursday photo #135

Our Thursday photo #135 was taken whilst the girls were playing with their fabulous Yellodoor first aid kit. I love how engaged they both are in their game and in each other’s company.

Yellodoor Child's First Aid Kit Review and Giveaway

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