Thursday photo #323

Isn’t it funny how things that are long-awaited tend to pass by in the blink of an eye? Libby was told a few weeks ago that she would have half a day in school this week. After much anticipation, the day finally arrived and went. She loved seeing all her friends, being with her teachers and grasping onto that little glimpse of normality. And now the countdown begins for September.

The news we’d been waiting for

With all the things everyone has missed out on over the past few months, it has been easy to divide activities into things we miss and things we don’t. For us, the resounding thing we have missed has been swimming. Whilst I have managed to swim in the river since the day it was allowed, the girls haven’t been swimming since March.

When the government announced that pools were allowed to reopen from 25th July, we were all delighted. We’re now waiting to find out when exactly our local pool will be open. As it’s a members only gym, I am worried that they may not run their usual family swimming sessions when it opens again. For me, that would be make or break. I can’t justify having a membership if I can’t take the girls swimming there because I’ll have to spend money on driving them somewhere else to swim instead.

Our local pool haven’t yet announced exactly when they will be able to open. It is clearly difficult for pools to prepare for welcoming people back. Additionally, the ones that are reopening seem to be doing so for lane swimming only. I’m not sure what the situation will be for us, but I know that I’ll be doing everything I can to get the children swimming again soon.

Zoom ballet exams

Both girls have amazed me with the things they have managed to do on zoom since online lessons became the norm. Ballet, piano and singing lessons and most recently, ballet exams. Over the past fortnight, both girls have taken ballet exams in Libby’s bedroom. I think if someone had told me six months ago they’d be doing that, I wouldn’t have thought it possible. Strangely though, it seemed to go incredibly well.

We have a lovely big living room / dining room area that the girls were dancing in when lessons first went online. Unfortunately, the big windows at either end of the room meant that the teacher couldn’t see them properly. So, when I finished decorating Libby’s bedroom, they started dancing in there. It’s too small really, but it was the best we could do. They managed to do all their exercises and their dance. Libby had to use a chair for a bar and both of them dressed in their immaculate uniform complete with a ballet bun to do their exams. Lia took grade 1 and Libby took grade 2. I sincerely hope that by the time they’re both ready for the next exam, they will be back in the studio with their teachers.

Thursday photo #323

Despite restrictions relaxing and attractions reopening, we’re keeping up with our weekly walks. Last weekend, we walked to our favourite park for a picnic. On the way home, the girls found some swings on a tree. Despite having a swing in the garden, being able to go back to the park has made a huge difference to them.

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  1. Oh it is lovely that they have managed to carry on with some things – even in a different format. Would you not take the girls swimming in the river? We literally stay by that bit where you park because we know it’s safe – and you can stand up in a lot of it too we have discovered. Hopefully you can get them in a pool soon then. I have heard nothing from the leisure centre in regards lessons starting again and know the Lido is members only.

    1. Thanks Joy. I’m going to take them to the river, there doesn’t seem to be anywhere else to take them. The type of swimming they can do is very different from what they’d do in a pool but definitely better than nothing.