Thursday photo #164

I’ve realised that my one weekend off this year was a massive mistake. Not only have I ended up totally behind with work but the break seems to have zapped all my motivation. So much for getting my head down and catching up.


For the past 18 months, Libby has been a bit of a nightmare for having tantrums when she didn’t get her own way. I know it’s partly my own doing. I’ve never been one for buying them lots of material things or regularly buying them sweets. But experiences are different.

The girls are growing up way too fast and I know just how short their childhood is. I’ve always been one for taking opportunities, and I’ve had some amazing opportunities offered to me for the girls. They’ve been on incredible holidays and days out, taken part in sports and activities and even been running with Dame Jessica Ennis.

Thursday photo 155, the day we ran with Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill

But perhaps all this comes at a price. Because sometimes I have to say no. They can’t carry on playing, they can’t stay a bit longer and they can’t have their own way. And children just don’t see how lucky they are. They only see the injustice of the one thing they’re not allowed to do.

At least, that’s the way it has been with Libby. Most days we’ve battled with her over something resulting in raging temper tantrums and tears. And yet all of a sudden, things seem to have improved. She’s started to say thank you more and share things with her sister. She has offered to help me around the house on a few occasions and better still, the tantrums are becoming fewer and further between.

Sharing the burden

But before you think I’ve nailed this parenting thing, allow me to introduce Lia. She has taken over the role as chief tantrum thrower. She learnt from the best, observing every strop, sulk and huff demonstrated by her sister. What’s more, she took notes and added her own personal touches to the role.

This past week, Lia has turned her tantrums up a notch. Most evenings, we have a ridiculous strop over nothing in particular. The wrong colour bedcover perhaps, or not being able to choose a story. And heaven forbid you give her water to drink when she asked for milk.

But for now, Lia is easier to deal with. She has a shorter fuse than her sister, but she also has a shorter recovery time. Within a few minutes, she tends to be ready to apologise and get on with her day. Roll on two years time when Lia grows out of tantrums as well. I can’t begin to imagine how much less stressful our days will be when we can all get along.

Our Thursday photo #164

I spent the weekend attempting to catch up with work and pretty much failing. In the meantime, these two were at Croome with their dad and he sent me a photo. I have no idea why Lia is winking and Libby isn’t looking at the camera. You just can’t get the staff.

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