Thursday photo #311

I can’t be the only person who was truly dreading the children’s schoolwork kicking in again this week. Their school have been excellent at sending work via an online platform to ensure they can continue their education. But working through it with them each day is a bit like pulling teeth.

A new classroom

For a bit of a change of scenery this week, we’ve relocated their lessons from the house to the camper van. I’m not sure why, but it does seem to make learning just a little more exciting. They’re half way through making a ‘classroom’ sign to stick on the front window. We’ve set up the table and taken their stationery in there. It has seemed to make it a little easier to have them both working at the same time. I’m not sure how long it will last but there’s something to be said for a change of scenery.

Despite this, it’s still tough going. The Easter break was lovely, even though we couldn’t go anywhere. Now, it seems like we’re under an increased time pressure to get their schoolwork done. I like to do it in the mornings so they have the afternoons to play, but we don’t manage that every day. Libby has a singing exam video to record and I’ve been trying to get it done for the past few days but we haven’t managed. Between fitting in schoolwork and my work, there doesn’t seem to be much time for anything else.

Learning new skills

The one huge positive we’ve seen over the past few weeks is the children’s increased interest in cooking and gardening. Bred’s Foods very kindly gifted us some doughs to cook with. Using this, the girls managed to make both cookies and pizza with minimal input from me. They both happily make their own sandwiches for lunch each day and Libby can manage a decent cheesy pasta from scratch. She can even make vegan meringues on her own, which I only mastered a few months ago myself.

Both girls are also getting quite into gardening. Libby in particular seems to have really green fingers. On her windowsill, she is growing cress, courgette, rosemary, tomato, cucumber and she’s started off some beans. Outside we’ve planted sunflowers, turnips, beetroot, rocket, strawberries and a blueberry bush. I honestly think that the children currently missing school are picking up a plethora of skills and interests. Their childhoods will be different but hopefully it will shape them as adults in a positive way.

Thursday photo #311

The girls decided they were going to put on a fashion show for me. They drew some outfits then got clothes and accessories from their wardrobe and dressing up box. As they strutted down their makeshift catwalk to their favourite music, they couldn’t have been happier. Libby’s dress was gifted to us by David Charles last year as part of a collaboration.

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  1. It’s fun trying to juggle getting the schoolwork done with working from home isn’t it?! Glad that the change of scenery is working well and the girls are picking up great skills with the baking and gardening – they’re both great learning opportunities too! I’m very impressed that they can do so much by themselves too. Hope you are all keeping well xx

  2. What a good idea to move the ‘classroom’ into the camper van. I must say I don’t envy parents having to help their children with schoolwork. I’m lucky I only have one with schoolwork and she does it all without help. On the rare occasions she does get stuck, she has a very nice big brother to help her! I’m very impressed with the cooking skills! That is amazing at such a young age.

    1. Oh it’s so good that your son is helping your daughter with her work. I honestly thought Libby would do most of it on her own but she has needed more supervision than Lia. I look forward to her just being able to get on with homework and things when she’s older, I find it soul destroying!