Thursday photo #225

Every school holiday, I put off the things that really need doing. Then in the last week, we run around like headless chickens trying to get it done. New shoes, labelling uniform, hair cuts… none of it makes for a fun week. So this year, I’ve tried to be a bit more organised. And remarkably, I think I like it!

Last week of the holidays

Like most children, my two go back to school next week. This is usually the point where we’d be entering panic mode. But instead, I booked a few days away. I’m not going to say we’re relaxing, because who really does that when they have young children? But we’re definitely making the most of it.

The girls have been swimming, had picnics, played outside, been on the beach and looked around a castle. Yesterday, they went off with my husband to a funfair while I caught up on some work. Today’s plans involve a SUP, a kayak and a lake.

It may not be for everyone, but booking something in for this last week of the holidays has been a game changer for me.

A happy mistake

When we go on holiday, I almost always end up working. Not loads, but my laptop comes with me, as do my camera and my phone. But when we arrived in Somerset this week, I realised I’d forgotten my laptop charger.

After an initial panic, I realised it could only be a good thing. I had enough battery to do the essentials. Publish a couple of blog posts, reply to emails and send over a draft that needed to be in. But that was enough.

So, instead of wasting a significant proportion of my time working, I’ve been enjoying the holiday. Next week, my two little girls will be back in school. For Lia, it’s the beginning of a new chapter as she starts in reception. And Libby will be straight into her usual routine of managing to be constantly busy. But for now, we’re here, together. It really shouldn’t have taken a mistake to force me to make the most of it.

Thursday photo #225

The girls have been on a variety of different trains over the past couple of days. This one was from Dunster to Blue Anchor in Somerset. As usual, I think they were performing some sort of song or dance routine.

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  1. It sounds like you’ve all had a really good week. I never work on holiday, because I don’t have so much work that I really need to! My husband always does though. It would have been a major disaster if he’d forgotten his charger. He would have ended up driving a ridiculous number of miles to buy one!
    Good luck to Lia for school, I’m sure she will take it all in her stride.

    1. Ah it’s good that you manage to stop on holiday but a shame that your husband has to work, it sounds like he works long hours during his working week as well. Thanks, I’m sure Lia will be fine with school. She’s not worried about it luckily.

  2. Sounds like leaving the laptop charger behind was a good thing. Good luck Lia at school. I am sure she will love it. Glad you had a good week. Love the sunflower and the sunset photos xx

    1. Oh it definitely was. Thank you, I’m sure school will go well, she’s fine about it although she thinks it might be a bit boring. After the Summer we’ve had I suspect she might be right!

  3. Sounds lovely to have one last adventure with your girls. It’s funny how a mistake can be a blessing, and you’ve been able to not work as much and enjoy it more. I can’t believe our baby girls are going to school, weren’t we only just talking about the big girls going? x

  4. Hi Nat,the only time I tend to be organised is coming up for Christmas and it does make things so much more enjoyable. A mini break before heading back into the school/ work sounds like just what the doctor ordered and judging by your photos the area looked stunning. I hope that everything went smoothly with your girls going back to school.