Thursday photo #259

Why is it that we worry about school holidays until they arrive? The change in routine, the lack of time to work and of course, coping with the children. When they’re in full swing though, I always wonder what I was worried about. In fact, this has been one of my favourite school holidays ever.

A few days away

On Friday, we packed up the van and headed off for a last minute break in Wales. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect. We met some lovely people on the campsite and the girls spent most of the time playing with new friends.

We spent Easter Sunday on the beach. A total contrast from last Easter Sunday, which we spent in a blizzard. When I told my dad where we were going, he suggested visiting Ynyslas beach. This is where we used to go as children and I always loved it. Sadly, swimming isn’t allowed there for safety reasons. Despite this, we paddled in the sea, built sandcastles and played rounders. It was amazing to see how much Libby’s hand-eye coordination has improved since she last picked up a rounders bat.

Another day brought chips by the waterfront at Aberaeron harbour, followed by some pretty amazing ice creams. Even our journey home was lovely, with a rather delicious lunch stop.

Before them, there was us

Life changes immeasurably when children come along, and time as a couple is often the first thing to fall by the wayside. We tend not to bother asking people to babysit because we love spending time with the children. We go to the theatre, eat out all together and go for days out and holidays that we all enjoy.

This week though, we had a rare opportunity to have a day out as a couple. The children were desperate to go to holiday club at their ballet school, and my husband had already booked the day off work. So, we grabbed our paddle board and took it to my usual swim spot. We left one car at a local farm shop and he paddle boarded and I swam there for lunch. It was such a lovely day, and a good reminder that we need time as a couple without the children occasionally.

Thursday photo #259

Yesterday was my husband’s birthday. As the gift he wanted was shoes, we had a family trip into Birmingham for him to choose them. Whilst we were there, we went for lunch in the Botanist. This is a fab place for cocktails with a fun menu, although they’ve recently changed the menu and got rid of the amazing dry ice puddings we had on our last visit. The new food is nice but not quite as good as before. I snapped a photo of these two at the table. I quite like the fact they’re incapable of being serious in most situations.

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  1. Yes, why do we worry about the holidays? I agree we had the best holidays too, I didn’t want them to end. It sounds like you had a lovely break away. I love that you have your van and can just head off x

  2. I’d love to try paddle boarding, though my lack of any natural sense of balance could make it interesting ha! Sounds like a fab break and school hols Ray x