Thursday photo #322

As lockdown restrictions ease across the country, it is difficult to know what to do for the best. Local businesses reopening need our support, but at present, going to many of the places that have been allowed to reopen doesn’t feel right for our family. Attractions across the West Midlands are gearing up for the summer holidays. But swimming pools and leisure centres are still closed.

Days out and restaurant meals

I am very keen to support local businesses wherever possible as things start to get back to normal. For me though, that is likely to take the form of promoting them rather than visiting myself. Much as we are all keen to get out and about again, I can’t help but worry about the financial risk to us as a family.

We are in a fortunate position in that my husband’s job is secure and we have some savings. But my income has dropped during the pandemic and I can’t imagine it is about to spring back to normal. So, is supporting the economy by spending money on days out and restaurants the right thing to do? For us, I don’t think it is.

The things we are all keen to get back to involve being in a leisure centre. If we start spending money on other things now, we run the risk of quite literally running out. Having been in debt before, it’s not a position I’m willing to put myself in again. So for now, we’re biding our time. Local walks, running, wild swimming, cycling, picnics and the odd coffee at a local coffee shop are enough. There will come a time when our lives will resume in earnest, but that time isn’t here just yet.

School reports

We are hugely grateful to the girls’ school for producing end of year reports in such an unsettling time. I know it will have been a difficult task, particularly for those teachers who haven’t seen their classes since March. As always, both girls did us proud. It is always pleasant to read that they are kind, happy and try their best at everything. If they can continue to do that throughout their lives, that will be the greatest achievement we can ask for.

Thursday photo #322

Once a fortnight for the past couple of years, the girls have been going horse riding. They each ride a tiny pony and fly around the riding school on them looking like something out of a Thelwell pony cartoon. This week though, Libby’s usual pony wasn’t available, so they put her on a beautiful big pony. He was incredibly well behaved for her but seeing her up there was a bit like watching a little doll strapped to the back of a cart horse.

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  1. Wow, she does look tiny up there! Well done to the girls for their reports. Apparently we will be getting a report for my daughter, but I don’t know when!
    Although we don’t swim, our needs for the new post-lockdown world are similar to yours. At the moment, my son still feels that we are in lockdown because he can’t do any of the things he wants to do. We just want the stadium and sandpit open, athletics competitions to start and half marathons and parkrun to be back on!
    Heading into autumn, we need to see ballet classes back on, along with concerts and, of course, panto! x

    1. I really feel for your son because he has suffered for longer than the rest of us with his injury last year putting him back as well, this season was already long awaited for him and the additional delay must be incredibly frustrating. Our ballet classes are officially back from September thankfully, fingers crossed theatres can open in time for panto too!

  2. I am still waiting on news from the leisure centre now they have the green light – although our son isn’t keen to return, worrying about how they can actually keep them safe.

    Well done to the girls on their reports – we didn’t have them this year.

    And how lovely for the girls to be able to regularly ride ponies-it is something I very much wanted as a girl but never got the chance.

    1. Thank you Joy. They are so lucky to go riding and they really love it. I can understand children having concerns about returning but we are very keen to get back. No news from our local one as yet though, hopefully not long to go.