Our Thursday Photo #35

I’ve just sat down to write this post and looked back at last week’s Thursday photo to check what number I was up to. I can’t believe my last Thursday photo was only a week ago, we’ve had so many adventures since then. 

Today, we made the most of our last full day at Bluestone. We went swimming in the Blue Lagoon then headed over to the adventure centre for soft play before lunch. After lunch, hubby took Libby to toddler sensory while Lia had a nap.

Toddler sensory was just Libby’s sort of thing, playing with gym equipment and toys, parachute play and music. Hubby thought it was great but that it would have been better if it had been better attended, since there were only two children there including Libby. 

Libby sensory

Then we swapped over and Libby had a nap while I took Lia to baby sensory. This involved some songs, playing with toys, parachute play and reading stories. Lia loved having my attention to herself. She was also a huge fan of the mini rollercoaster but wasn’t willing to sit still and quiet during the quiet time and tried to eat the book I was reading to her. 

2015-01-08 15.54.57

When we got back, Lia treated herself to another nap while I fitted in my #Janstreak exercise – a quick 15 minute run. I thought I deserved an easy one today after yesterday’s little incident

Then we all got ourselves ready to go to the Carreg Las, the Bluestone fine dining restaurant. We decided just to have a main and pudding because the girls were both tired. 

There was no children’s menu, so they made us some pasta for the girls. We had intended to order them a starter to share as a main meal, but Libby decided she liked the sound of the pasta. 

Hubby had the venison whilst I went for the butternut squash risotto. Both meals were delicious, but my only criticism of the restaurant was that there was just the one vegetarian option on the menu. 

I’m not fussy with food and I did enjoy my meal. I am also aware that many fine dining restaurants do the same thing, but in this day and age I would expect to at least have a choice of two vegetarian options in a decent restaurant. 

Nonetheless, the food was good and we all had dessert. I had a delicious chocolate fondant served with a refreshing sorbet.

Hubby went for the fennel parfait, and the two girls also had one of these to share. They all enjoyed it and I was really impressed with them both for eating something with such a strong and unusual flavour.

So here they are in the restaurant before dinner, fascinated by each other as always. Our Thursday photo #35. 



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