Our Thursday Photo #33

Libby and Lia have both had a wonderful Christmas. Having asked for nothing but books, they have nearly 50 new books between them, as well as some book themed items and a few other things thrown in for variation.

Christmas lunch was somewhat unusual, with Lia having the time of her life rubbing parsnip into her toes, while Libby made the most of the pirate themed Christmas crackers.

Having been an absolute nightmare last night, Lia woke up this morning full of the joys of spring, whereas I have been feeling the effects of sleep deprivation in a big way. Despite this, Christmas 2014 has been a good one, a fitting end to a generally pretty good year. And on that note, here is our Thursday photo #33. They were supposed to be pulling a cracker together but it was a bit difficult so Libby was taking it apart – much to Lia’s disgust by the look of it!



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