Thursday photo #345

Every year, this is one of our busiest weeks. I have been quite relieved this year that there is less going on. Yet I’ve still ended up incredibly busy. I have just published a blog post I had been working on for months so now I intend to take a few weeks off blogging other than possibly my weekly update posts. I may well change the format of these though or even stop them all together in the new year. I’m starting to feel that sharing a photo of the girls every week just for the sake of it isn’t necessarily the right thing for them as they get older. That said, these posts do keep me grounded to the reason I started blogging in the first place so I am still undecided at the moment.

This week’s beautiful swimming spot

Healthy habits

Towards the end of last year, I was reading and hearing a lot about the benefit of forming positive habits. Prior to that, I had always thought of habits in quite a negative way. I associated them with addictions. Smoking, drinking, eating bad food. And often, we get into bad habits and they become part of our lives. One that’s very difficult to shake off.

Instead of having new year’s resolutions for 2020, I decided to aim to develop a positive habit. I chose running every day. I started just before the new year so there wasn’t so much pressure in terms of it being a new year’s resolution. But I started recording my runs on 1st January. I worried about injury, I was brought up thinking that rest days were essential. I needn’t have worried. Since starting, I’ve had no injuries or illnesses that have stopped me from running. I’ve clocked up nearly 1300 miles despite all the trials 2020 has thrown at us. I know it’s not for everyone but running every day is one habit that will stay with me indefinitely.

Time management

For 2021, I need to form a habit that makes me better with time management. It’s not really about being late, although that does happen sometimes. What concerns me more is my inability to take on the right amount. I lurch between not having much on to being completely overwhelmed almost on a weekly basis.

I know that to an extent, it is the nature of my work. But I need to work out a way to change this. I don’t know whether it will involve getting up earlier, being more productive when I do work or taking on less. But it is food for thought for the next few weeks because I’m getting it wrong and I would like to start 2021 with a fresh set of priorities and form another healthy habit. Even the cat thinks I spend too much time working.

I needed to work and he needed to sit on my lap so this was our compromise

Thursday photo #345

It was Christmas Jumper Day at school this week. The first of many celebrations. It has been lovely to see what a huge effort school have gone to so that Christmas would be special for the children. The girls certainly appreciate it and haven’t missed all the exciting events we usually go to. They’re excited about different things this year, but they are just as excited as ever.

Christmas Jumper Day

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  1. I do love the fact that you’ve managed to run every day. I will miss these posts if you stop them, but you have to feel that your heart is in it and you’re doing it for the right reason. I abruptly stopped my 365 posts earlier this year. I thought I would miss them, but I haven’t at all.
    Here’s to better time management in 2021, and let me know if you find the secret! Merry Christmas!

  2. Interesting that I popped over to link to you in a post I have written about habits.

    I personally like reading your personal posts most. How about you talk about yourself more if you do not want to feature the girls each week? You are very inspirational I am sure I am not the only one who is interested to hear what you’ve been getting up to. Off to see if there’s another post with an update on how your fasting is going 🙂

    Hope you all have a lovely Christmas and hopefully see you again soon xx

    1. Ah thanks Joy! I will still write about the crazy things we all get up to, perhaps just in a different format. I am still fasting and it’s working really well for me! Have a great Christmas.