Our Thursday Photo #58

Time and again on a Thursday, I find myself sitting down to write about my week, and I’ve got no idea what’s happened. 

I remember that on Saturday, we went to the Sea Life Centre which we all enjoyed. On Sunday, we went swimming and afterwards, Lia took her first couple of unaided steps between a chair and table at the pool. 

Since then, it’s all been a bit of a blur of work, taking the children to their daily activities and a bit more work.

Lia decided that a couple of steps here and there was quite enough for her and hasn’t made any further attempt at walking on her own.

She did discover on Monday that when she was sat on my lap, she could stand up on her own.

This was great fun and induced a lot of giggling until she got a bit over enthusiastic and launched herself off my lap, forgot to stand up and landed on her head.

Libby has also been in the wars, completely misjudging where our decking table was and cycling into it. The result was rather a nasty bruised nose. 

We’ve been to look at a couple of houses that we liked the look of as we’ll soon be putting ours on the market.

Unfortunately, they’ve both had their problems and like most couples, we’re looking for totally different things. 

Hubby is a bit older than me and I suppose for men a house is a bit more of a status thing. We have a lovely big house in a nice area at the moment, and none of us want to leave. 

For me though, it’s an opportunity to downsize and cut our outgoings massively. This would free me up both financially and from a time perspective to focus on my business. 

More importantly though, I wouldn’t be working until 2 am and feeling fairly hopeless about finding a way out of my situation. 

Hubby is much more insistent on finding the perfect house, which will of course mean spending a lot more money. 

Perhaps I haven’t reached the age yet where material things become important, or maybe it’s just a personality thing.

I do sometimes wish that I’d chosen a much more alternative lifestyle instead of the usual mundane treadmill that most of us trudge along. 

I hope that as my girls get older, I won’t hold them back from following their dreams, even if they are a bit unusual. The most anyone can hope for their children is to be happy, whatever form that takes. 

This week’s Thursday photo #58 was taken just before bedtime. 

Both girls are loving Libby’s new bed, jumping on it is apparently wonderful fun. And yes, I am aware that the alphabet poster behind Libby’s head needs replacing.

It’s replacement has for months been neatly folded away waiting for me to put it up. Maybe this weekend I’ll find the time, maybe. 

2015-06-18 19.49.24

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