Our Thursday Photo #59

This week really has flown by, but in a good way I think.

The most exciting development this week has been that Lia’s speech is really coming along.

She probably only has a little over a dozen words still, but she’s really putting them to good use and making herself understood.

This has changed the relationship between the girls again, because Libby is really getting something back from Lia now when they play together.

Lia’s walking isn’t progressing quite so well. I took her to see the GP today because her left foot turns out quite dramatically when she walks.

In fairness, my feet do turn out quite a lot as well so it’s not the end of the world as such. But I could see that Lia’s walking and balance weren’t quite right because of it.

The GP agreed with me that something’s not right, so Lia is off for a hip X-ray with a view to seeing a pediatric physiotherapist to try to work out what’s going on and put it right.

I’m not overly concerned about this, the GP didn’t seem to think that it was anything that couldn’t be rectified. And I’m not in any major hurry for Lia to get walking, I know her time will come.

That said, she’s getting a little bit frustrated that she can’t go where she wants with someone holding her hand so I think it will be a bit of a relief to her when she can walk.

Libby had a particularly fun week, mainly due to our trip to Drayton Manor yesterday.

She is still having tantrums at home and we do have a bit of a battle with her most days over something. But they’re over relatively quickly and she always says sorry.

Libby has started to have an hour a week in her new nursery – just another part of the nursery she’s in at the moment.

She really enjoyed it in there and seems to be looking forward to going a bit more frequently.

Libby has also picked up on the fact that we’re going to be moving. She’s not over the moon about this and had a bit of a melt down over it today.

But as usual she got over it, and was talking quite positively about living somewhere else.

Libby becomes more and more independent every week. These days, she likes to help out with Lia. This evening, her help took the form of drying Lia’s hair, much to Lia’s delight!

So today’s Thursday photo #59 is from bedtime while Libby was practicing her hair dressing skills on her sister.


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