Our Thursday Photo #60

This week has mostly been about enjoying the sunshine.

We are still in the throws of putting our house on the market and house hunting.

Things have taken a little step forward this week for a few reasons. Firstly, we are now less certain that if we did stay here we’d have to use the local school.

It seems that in the last round of school allocations, there were people locally who turned that school down and got allocated a place elsewhere.

We are still waiting for more information on that, but suffice to say we feel a little less pressured into selling.

We’ve seen a couple of houses locally that we quite like, so if we do end up moving there is a little bit of hope on the horizon.

We’ve also broadened our search a little, and realised that by going a bit further afield we might be able to buy a beautiful house rather than an okay house.

This has given us food for thought.

But there is one other thing that has brightened our spirits. I wrote this post a couple of weeks ago about finding the perfect  house.

The estate agent phoned me today to say that whilst the sale is still proceeding, they are still showing people round. We’re going to see it next week. Please send good vibes!

The heat has been hard work, particularly as the children have struggled to get to sleep like most kids in this weather.

That said, we’ve made the most of it. The girls had their photo shoot, we’ve headed out on Libby’s scooter, been to the park and bought a paddling pool.

Unfortunately for Bubbles, the pool was inflatable so she wasn’t allowed to play.

The girls on the other hand, loved it. Libby was horrified that she wasn’t allowed to play with it today – in the driving rain, wind and hail.

Thank goodness we made the most of the sunshine!

I’ve decided to change the format of our Thursday photos slightly. Having been relatively strict on taking the photo on a Thursday for the past year, I’ve now decided to use our best photo from the week going forward.

It seems a shame to use a photo that’s not particularly exciting when there have been some amazing ones during the week.

Particularly after our lifestyle shoot yesterday. So this week’s Thursday photo #60 is another fabulous photo of two children, a field, a hay-bale and beautiful rolling countryside.


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