Thursday Photo #126

Thursday Photo #126

Well it’s been quite a week. On Saturday I did the Gower 50 Ultramarathon – my first ever ultra but hopefully not my last. I didn’t run as much of it as I’d have hoped to and I suffered quite badly with blisters. But despite it all, I got round and I’m proud to have done it.

The girls had a day around Swansea while I was running. They were on one of the beaches to meet me as I ran past. Sunday was swimming day and their dad took them while I was still on my way back from the Gower.

The past few days have gone particularly quickly and I can’t believe it’s Thursday already. I’m looking forward to spending a bit more time with them at the weekend, when we’ll be heading to The National Forest Adventure Farm.

Libby has been very tired at school this week and Lia and I have been taking it easy at home. We enjoyed reading the Teletubbies magazine yesterday and we haven’t been far the past couple of days due to being without a car. Luckily the car is fixable so we’re hoping to have it back by tomorrow.

Teletubbies Magazine - Review

I’ve been pretty tired since doing the ultramarathon. I was hoping to run yesterday but the combination of blisters and exhaustion got to me in the end and I’ve decided to leave it until next week.

Bubbles on the other hand has coped remarkably well. I was so concerned about her joining me on the run that I arranged for my husband to meet me after 30 miles. The idea was that he’d take her home if she was tired. As it was, she was still full of energy.

When we finished, both Bubbles and I were keen to get into bed and lie down. The following day we were both a bit stiff but by Monday, Bubbles was bombing around the fields as usual whereas I was still walking somewhat gingerly. It has shown me that she really needs a lot more exercise than she gets.

Run Walk Crawl Gower 50 Ultramarathon Review

My next mission is to work on my all-round fitness. Whilst I managed to complete the ultramarathon, I haven’t been swimming much lately and I don’t remember the last time I cycled or went to the gym. I’m putting some effort into planning my work and my blogging more carefully to leave more time for me.

I’m going to be reviewing the TomTom touch fitness tracker, which arrived yesterday. It tracks my body composition – the percentage of fat and muscle – so I’m setting myself some goals to improve that. I prefer the idea of increasing muscle and reducing fat rather than just losing weight.

This week’s Thursday Photo #126 was taken this evening on the trampoline. I try to encourage the girls to get outside and play for a few minutes every afternoon when Libby gets home from school. I hope that by keeping active as children they’ll grow up to enjoy sport.

Our Thursday Photo #126

Thursday Photo #126

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