Our Thursday photo #92

This week instead of a weekly update, I’ve got a story to tell. As usual, my dangerous dog plays a starring role.

It all started as soon as I stepped out of the door to take the dogs for a walk. My husband had taken the girls to playgroup and true to form, he’d forgotten to take a spare nappy for Lia, who promptly crapped herself. He sent me a text asking me to drop off a spare.

So, knowing full well that our walk was going to be cut short, I headed straight to the nearby muddy field to let the dogs have a quick run around before I took them home.

As I entered the field, I acknowledged two females who were standing by the gate, just inside the field but not quite far enough to be up to their knees in mud. Both of them were wearing smart clothing.

I let the dogs off the lead in the field, where they had a run around and I picked up the obligatory turd squeezed out by Pluto. Then I turned around and walked back towards the gate.

I called the dogs and in an unusual burst of excitement, Pluto came bombing towards me at some considerable speed. Clocking the two well-dressed women standing by the gate, Pluto ground to a halt a few feet from them and trotted back to me.

Sadly, just a few steps behind – as usual – was Bubbles. Being a somewhat shorter-legged dog than Pluto, she copes admirably with his speed and manages to pretty much keep up. But keeping up does take an immense amount of effort.

So, running just a little bit faster than her legs would carry her, Bubbles rounded the corner, heading for the gate. Her focus was on Pluto and as usual, not on where she was going.

To her credit, Bubbles realised just in the nick of time that she was on a collision course with the two well-dressed ladies. Neither of whom had the good sense or judgement to move.

Since Bubbles took me out at the knees, planting me flat on my face and causing considerable injury, it has been drummed into her that she mustn’t run into people. It was quite obvious that this was going through her mind as she ploughed towards the well-dressed ladies.

So to avoid a nasty incident, Bubbles slammed on the anchors. Cue comedy skidding to a halt whilst simultaneously turning sideways – in six inches of thick, wet mud.

The next thing I heard was pathetic, girly squeals that definitely weren’t coming from me. In her haste to stop, Bubbles had swept approximately two litres of mud sideways, splattering it liberally onto the well-dressed ladies. They were covered from head to foot.

Did I apologise? Of course not. Bubbles had behaved impeccably, the fact that they were too dopey to step to the other side of the gate is really none of my concern.

Plus, if I’d have tried to make any sort of conversation at all, I couldn’t have helped myself from laughing in their faces.

It may seem a little bit harsh, but the whole incident has made my day.

In the meantime, our Thursday photo #92 is brought to you from the Wendy House.

Thursday photo #92 - and a sorry tale of woe

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