Little girl stood on grass drinking Capri-Sun with blue sky behind

Celebrating summer days with Capri-Sun

Since Libby started school, I’ve been acutely aware of how quickly the Summer holidays fly by. And this year, Lia starts school too. So now, more than ever, I’ve been trying to make the most of the long Summer days. The girls go to sleep late anyway, so we might as well make the most of it and have some fun.

Girl sat on a log with her sister stood in front of her and a dog on the lead beside them, all smiling including the dog - girls drinking Capri-Sun

Days in the sunshine

Have you seen the social media posts going around lately about 18 summers? They point out that we only get to spend 18 summers with our children. And that’s if they’re still at home (and want to spend time with you) until they’re 18. There’s something about the Summer that makes you want to make the most of the time you have with them. And you realise that these childhood days are all too short.

Last week, the girls had a rare day off after school activities. So, we packed a picnic and headed for one of our favourite places to enjoy the sunshine. After a stroll around the lake watching goslings swimming by, we set up Libby’s rounders kit and let the girls burn off some energy.

Geese and goslings swimming in the lake during our Capri-Sun picnic

Hitting the ball doesn’t appear to be particularly easy for either of the girls at the moment, but they loved running around. And for me, that’s what days out are all about. They don’t have to cost a fortune and we don’t have to go somewhere exciting. Just a field, a picnic blanket and some simple games add up to make memories we’ll all look back on fondly.

Two little girls playing rounders on the grass on our Capri-Sun picnic

A Capri-Sun Original picnic with 50% less sugar and nothing artificial

After tiring themselves out, the girls were ready to curl up on a picnic blanket with a drink. I’d managed to pack just one cool bag with enough food and drinks for all four of us. Capri-Sun is so convenient when you need to travel light. There’s a reason they’re still in the iconic pouch I remember from childhood, it’s the perfect way to carry drinks. Lightweight, compact and no need to chill them so they’re always ready to drink.

Two girls on a picnic blanket with Capri-Sun drinks and Capri-Sun cool bag with grass and hills behind

Recently though, Capri-Sun have changed their recipe. The new Capri-Sun original range, now with 50% Less sugar and nothing artificial still tastes just the same – I checked! Like the original, it doesn’t contain artificial colours or preservatives. What it does contain is a sweetener from a natural source called Stevia, which has allowed them to remove half of the sugar without losing any of the taste.

Which is your favourite flavour? Libby loves the blackcurrant and Lia prefers orange. In fact, Lia had both flavours in one day because we’d been for a picnic at lunchtime too. It’s good to know that we can take drinks that are better for you but still fun.

Little girl stood on grass drinking Capri-Sun with blue sky behind

Win an amazing LEGOLAND© day out

You may have noticed that Capri-Sun have had a brilliant ‘Kids Go Free’ to LEGOLAND© on-pack promotion recently. There are still a few promotional packs available, but don’t despair if you missed it because you can win a LEGOLAND© day out for the whole family!

We’re lucky enough to have a LEGOLAND© Discovery Centre opening in Birmingham next month. It’s going to have two rides, a 4D cinema, a LEGO building and testing zone and a LEGO cafe. There’s even going to be a MINILAND – a tiny LEGO Birmingham built from over 1.5 million LEGO bricks and incorporating all its famous landmarks. The city’s first LEGO store will be there too, hosting creative workshops throughout the day to improve your LEGO model building skills.

The giveaway prize is a family trip for 4 people (2 adults, 2 children aged between 3 – 15 years). It includes a two day pass, overnight stay in a hotel and £200 spending money. The trip can be taken at either LEGOLAND© Windsor, LEGOLAND© Discovery Centre Birmingham or LEGOLAND© Discovery Centre Manchester.

Capri-Sun logo

To win, you’ll need to enter via the Rafflecopter below. Please read the terms and conditions before you enter.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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    1. Done ✅ would Love to take my son to Legoland in Windsor for the first time please. we love drinking Capri sun. I’ve been drinking it since I was young. I use to visit the shop every morning before school and afternoon when I finished and got a Capri sun. Love them till this day. Lovely giveaway. Good luck everyone. Fingers crossed

  1. It looks like you had a lovely time! My daughter loves Capri Suns too.
    That ’18 summers’ thing annoys me – it only shows really tiny children! Where’s the 15 year olds sulking halfway up a tree and looking at their phones?!

  2. Lovely photos, looks like they are enjoying their picnic.

    We would go to Windsor. The kids have been asking to stay over and would be so excited.

    Our favourite is orange

  3. Fab post, love the photo of your girls having their picnic, so cute! We’d love to go to LegoLand wondsor and I think orange would be the most popular flavour of Capri Sun in this house! Good luck to everyone who enters your competition! 🙂

  4. I would love to visit Legoland Windsor and I would have to bring along lots of Capri-Sun orange to keep us refreshed …

  5. What an amazing prize! And – sob – 18 summers! Better make the most of this one, then….x

  6. I would love to take my son to the Windsor site. We’ve done Manchester discovery centre, which is great and I’m lucky enough to live in Birmingham, but the discovery centres are just not the same. They are great, but so much small and all indoor. The Windsor site has been on the cards for so long but the hotel is just unaffordable. This is an incredibe competition!! Oh and to stay refreshed, it would be blackcurrant for us. Thanks for this great chance 🙂

  7. Oh I am so excited for the holidays!!! No routine, lazy mornings and lots of fun. Of course they will drive me mad at times and my the end of the summer I’m pretty sure I will have had enough of picnics and parks!!! Such a great competition I’m off to enter x

  8. I love to visit Legoland at Windsor and my favourite Capri Sun is the Summer Berry, great when popped in the freezer and pulled out and packed with picnics as keep my picnic goodies cool and taste delightful when cold.

  9. Legoland Windsor would be my choice and Capri Sun orange flavour. I always buy Capri Sun for my daughter as it’s her favourite and it doesn’t aggravate her eczema unlike a lot of other brands.

  10. Manchester is the most accessible to us, the kids would love to visit wearing their new sunhats!

  11. We’d visit the original Legoland Windsor and take a bunch of orange capri sun with us!

  12. I would Love to go to Birmingham Discovery please. Blackcurrant would certainly be my families favourite

  13. I’ve never visited Legoland and would love to take daughter to Windsor. Being awkward as she’s at a funny age she’d prefer blackcurrant to orange!

  14. We’d go to Legoland Windsor and refresh ourselves between rides with Orange Capri Suns! What an incredible treat this would be!

  15. We’d visit Windsor, it’s on my children’s wish list and we would have blackcurrant and Orange mixed because my kids are gross and love to mix squash but I love blackcurrant on its own the best!

  16. We would visit ninjago land first and my youngest likes blackcurrant and my eldest likes orange and I personally like the tropical!

  17. I’d be packing blackcurrent; it’s a classic! I really want to take my kids to the Windsor, they keep. asking to go there!

  18. Although Birmingham is closer, i’d love to take my daughter to Legoland Windsor, she would be thrilled to go. Her favourite and mine of the Capri Sun range is Orange and bound to take lots of them on our Lego adventure if we are lucky enough to win.

  19. We would go to Birmingham one, as we haven’t been there yet. I would go for the orange Capri.

  20. We would love to go to Windsor, one Granddaughter loves Blackcurrant and the other loves so we would have to stock up on both.x

  21. oh my gosh I would take my grandchildren to LEGOLAND© Discovery Centre Birmingham at bring a choice of orange and blackcurrant Capri-suns for them what an awesome day out that would be

  22. I would love to visit Legoland Manchester stocked up with lots of Orange flavoured Capri Sun’s

  23. Summer isn’t summer without a trip to Legoland Windsor, and the blackcurrant flavour would be the perfect complement

  24. We love spending time together and packing a picnic is so much cheaper as well as convenient. it is great brands taking into account the sugar aspect. We can’t wait to go to legoland Birmingham – it’s sold out this weekend which is not surprising

  25. I would love to take the kids to LEGOLAND WINDSOR with lots of refreshing ORANGE Capri Sun.

  26. We’d love to visit Legoland Windsor, we’ve never been. I think we’d take Orange Capri Sun with us!

  27. i would go to legoland Windsor as it’s closer to me, my children would love it, they keep asking me but at the moment i can’t afford it. all done thanks for the chance 😉

  28. Windor please my 4 year old son has always wanted to go fingers crossed we love orange capri-sun xx

  29. It has got to be orange! It takes me back to be being a little girl at my Nans as she always had some in her fridge for us! We would love to visit Windsor! If we were lucky enough to win , a trip to the castle and Legoland would make my little girls year!

  30. I’d visit the one in Windsor. We’d probably take a range of the flavours with us to enjoy as we’d need a few – it’s so warm!

  31. We’d love to visit Lego land windsor please and would take tropical capri sun! my favourite lol

  32. Windsor and my favourite flavour for a day out would be orange. The smell of orange squash reminds me of when I was little…that and the smell of coaches. Fabulous prize giveaway

  33. At Legoland Windsor we love the dingy down the waterslide ride- can’t remember the name. I would chose blackcurrant capri-sun.

  34. we would visit LEGOLAND Windsor. We love the tropical flavour capri suns so that would be what we would use to keep cool 🙂 thanks for such an amazing prize my kids would be over the moon to get to finally visit their favourite place in the world!!

  35. We would love to go to Windsor as my boys are mad about Lego! We would drink the original orange Orangina..its our favourite!

  36. We would go to Windsor. I love the orange capri sun flavour and I would take this with us.

  37. I would love to take me little girl to Legoland Windsor, she’s always asking if we can go. I would take orange Capri sun flavour with us as it is our favourite.

  38. It would have to be legoland windsor and Tropical capri sun is our family favourite, it’s first thing to go in the picnic.

  39. I would love to visit LEGOLAND© Discovery Centre Manchester, my family all enjoy Orange Capri Sun

  40. We would love to go to Legoland Windsor, and I am with the majority, we love Orange in our household.

  41. Legoland Windsor and the Atlantis Submarine Voyage would be so cool to visit. And Capri Sun Mango-Passionfruit would be the flavour the whole family would enjoy and refresh on!

  42. I would have to say Legoland Windsor..’s the furthers one from us but I’ve always wanted to go and I really want to take the kids to the Splash Park there….I would also take ORANGE Capri Sun’s with us they remind me of summer as a child

  43. WOW What an amazing prize!!
    I would go to Legoland Windsor and I would really enjoy an orange capri sun – Very refreshing.

  44. A fantastic prize, Duplo Valley would be a must in this weather as thats where all the water rides and splash park is I think 😀

  45. I’d visit LEGOLAND Windsor as it’s the nearest one 🙂 I love Windsor castle and Windsor towna itself so the trip would be a pleasure!
    Oh my favourite is Capri Sun Orange! 🙂 classic!

  46. I didn’t realise before today that there was a Legoland Birmingham. I would take the apple flavour one

  47. Hi, I would choose Windsor because I’ve heard so many good things about it and I can just imagine the look on my child’s face. It would be so magical. Our capri sun flavour has to be orange. I love the classics! Fingers crossed.

  48. Love to take my grandchildren to Legoland Windsor they are massive fans of Lego, we have been buying Blackcurrant Capri Sun since their Mums were their age! Fingers

  49. Would love to go to Windsor, me, my partner and our son have never been so I’d love to be able to treat them to a visit thank you very much x

  50. I would love to take my 2 daughters to Lego land Windsor we would take Blackcurrant capri sun 🙂

  51. We would love to go to Legoland Windsor and enjoy Summer Berries Capri sun to keep us refreshed!

  52. We’d love to visit Legoland Windsor and Capri Sun Orange would be perfect to keep us refreshed!

  53. We love Summer Berries and we actually freeze them for hot days out!! We would love to Visit Legoland Windsor and have a go on the Dragon Rollercoaster

  54. We’d love to go to Legoland Windsor and Summer Berries would be our choice for refreshments.

  55. A trip to Windsor would be amazing we’ve been wanting to go to LEGOLAND for ages and orange is our favourite x

  56. I’d love to visit Legoland Windsor with my daughter and we would be drinking orange original x

  57. Manchester blackcurrant We’re super excited for the Bham legoland though just down the road for us!

  58. I would love to take my boys to the Windsor resort, they’ve seen the ads and have nagged to go but prices are a bit steep for us at the moment! Our favourite flavour is orange. Nice prize, thanks for the chance x

  59. Haven’t visited any of the Lego venues yet but Windsor is one of my fav places in the UK so would love to take my daughter to visit. 🙂 So Legolas’s Windsor with lots of Orange Capri Suns for us.

  60. Legoland Windsor would be LEGO-tastic, along with blackcurrant to keep us refreshed and happy the Capri Sun way. Thanks xxx

  61. I’d love to visit Legoland Windsor, and I’d drink lots of my favourite Orange Capri Sun to keep me refreshed x